7 Tips for Throwing an Amazing Going Away College Party

7 Tips for Throwing an Amazing Going Away College Party
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    Throwing a going away college party could be intimidating because of the notion that this will be your guests' last opportunity to drink, eat, and enjoy their time together with you (at least for a while).


It’s difficult to resist putting a lot of pressure on yourself to organize the best party possible when you have this kind of thinking. Please take a few deep breaths, unwind, and let go of the tension.

Here are seven tips to assist you in planning the best farewell party imaginable.

1. Pick a Date

Setting the time and date for the going away college party is the first stage in your preparations. It all hinges on your moving arrangements, but most people aim to hold their farewell parties as feasible as close to their travel date.

Choose an earlier date if you anticipate having a hectic schedule with last-minute preparations and packing the weekend before you travel. Since it’s your party, you want it to go as smoothly as possible.

2. Make Your Guest List

Preparing the guest list is one of the most crucial aspects of organizing a going away college party. It impacts a lot of other parts of the party, like the food you’ll require, how many plates, cups, and other serving pieces you’ll need to buy, and whether you can have the party at home or if a larger venue is required.

Making categories when making a guest list might be the simplest option. Sort the people on your guest list into groups like family, acquaintances from school or work, etc. By doing this, you can avoid forgetting anyone.

3. Send Out Invites

If you want to ensure that all of your closest friends will turn up for the big send-off, send embossed graphics invitation cards at least three weeks prior to the event. However, do not invite visitors more than one month in advance to reduce the likelihood that they may forget about the party when the date arrives.

Make sure to include important details such as the date, time, location, and expectations for the celebration, such as whether you want guests to bring gifts or be prepared to share memories.

You should also request RSVPs, especially if you’re throwing the event somewhere other than a private residence. Not only will asking for RSVPs help you estimate the number of attendees, but it also reduces the likelihood that someone may say "maybe" and then fail to show up.

4. Provide Refreshments

Another fun college farewell party idea includes serving local foods and beverages from the location you are departing from. Purchase some beer from a local brewery and pastries from your favorite bakery. This way, you’ll have a good taste left in your mouth for the place you are leaving.

5. Plan The Theme

You should consider the appearance of your event, regardless of whether you’re a minimalist by choice, moving soon, or want to create a specific mood for your send-off. Once you’ve decided on the venue, you can start thinking about the decorations.

You don’t have to blow your decorating budget if you already have some items stored away! Visit your nearby dollar shop for inexpensive, cheerful plastic decorations that you can use only once and then discard.

You can also pick up some plastic cups, paper napkins, and plates, colorful serving bowls for snacks and chips while you’re there.

There won’t be many dishes to wash, making cleanup as simple as throwing everything in the trash. Convenience is crucial when planning the decor for a going away college party.

6. Organize Activities for Guests

Even though chatting is great, having a few games available is beneficial so that your visitors can amuse themselves. A picture booth is another fantastic and simple way to bring tons of excitement to your party and provide everyone with keepsakes of their pleasure.

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7. Choose the Gifting Policy

Guests will want to know whether they should bring a present to a going-away party. If you have a firm "no gift" policy, make it plain on the invitation. If you want gifts, request practical ones that will help with your move.

Closing Thoughts

With these ideas in mind, you will have a memorable college farewell party regardless of who turns up or any little hiccups that may arise.

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