Insightful Podcasts for Busy College Students

Insightful Podcasts for Busy College Students
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    If you're enrolled in college full-time, you know exactly what it's like to have little or no room in your schedule outside of your academic commitments.


Nonetheless, you might like to absorb information about how to improve your daily routine, study habits, diet, and so on. Podcasts are a great way to learn new things passively – perhaps while you’re walking your dog, grocery shopping, or driving home to visit family for the weekend.

Below are some of the best podcasts tailored to on-the-go college students with a wide variety of interests.

TED Radio Hour

You’re a smart cookie, so you’ve probably heard of TED Talks. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, and has been a popular source of innovative thinking since the 1990s. It started as a conference and later became available on YouTube, but now you don’t need to watch the speakers at all to soak up their "ideas worth spreading".

Check out the TED Radio Hour podcast to hear presentations and additional commentary on a range of fascinating disciplines, including healthcare, religion, computer science, ecology, and more.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Forming new habits can take a lot of effort for several weeks. Chances are, you’ve struggled with your habits and time management in some way, like most people.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes is a wonderful show that will help you investigate your daily patterns – whether they are school-related, financial, emotional, or physical –  and then offer simple baby steps you can take toward modifying what’s no longer serving you.

The Dr. Gundry Podcast

For those who are interested in nutrition and personal health, there is an unbelievable amount of information online about what to eat, what not to eat, and why. It can be a lot to digest, especially when you want to be careful about your sources.

The Dr. Gundry Podcast, hosted by Dr. Steven Gundry MD, is a reputable source of interviews with experts who share their advice on topics like individualized diets, gut imbalances, and mental health.

Stuff You Should Know

Sometimes random subjects are the most intriguing, and they can transform your outlook on the world in completely unexpected ways. For a show that directs you toward what you ought to be aware of in general, check out Stuff You Should Know with Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant.

Some of their most popular episodes include How Jet Lag Works, How Beer Works, and How the Electoral College Works. Finally, some explanation!

NPR’s Throughline

History buffs will definitely appreciate the approach of this unique NPR production. Throughline illuminates long-term historical trends by weaving together seemingly disparate events and concepts into a single analytical episode.

To impress your peers with your nuanced interpretation of the connections between past and present, be sure to give Throughline a listen.


Does science class intimidate you? Do you feel like you have a huge blind spot when it comes to anything remotely biological? Never fear, Radiolab is here.

A hugely successful podcast amongst all age groups, it’s a show with a narrative style that will hook you from the beginning. The hosts and producers are well-seasoned storytellers with curious eyes for strange phenomena.

All of a sudden, you will be able to talk about mysterious microbes, nuclear technology, and epigenetics in a casual, comprehensive tone without ever enrolling in a STEM course.

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Reply All

In this age of the internet, there is an endless sea of technological and cultural development to keep up with. Reply All broadcasts a humorous exploration of unexpected interactions that take place via email, Instagram, and other online platforms.

In the process, they also notify you of any new or viral sensations in social media, in case you weren’t already aware.

As a young person who is constantly hungry for knowledge, you are likely to find that podcasts are an excellent modern method for growing your awareness on multiple levels. Don’t just rely on your professors to guide you where you want to go; check out some of these podcasts today!

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