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Career Planning

Do Good and Make Good: 5 High-Paying, Socially Conscious Careers

Every student in university has this conflicting thought: How can I make a significant impact on the world and also make a lot of money?

College Living

Small Furniture That Makes Small Spaces Look Bigger

Sometimes you’re stuck with a living space that’s smaller than your dreams for it. That doesn’t mean you can’t add items that may look miniature but go a long way toward giving your room more presence.


Should You Run Healthcare Sanction Checks On All Your Candidates?

A healthcare sanction screening goes through thousands of databases with federal and state entries on health sanctions, exclusions, debarments, and disciplinary action against healthcare practitioners (doctors, surgeons, nurses, etc.) and entities (medical businesses).

College Living

Are Boarding Schools a Good Option?

The concept of boarding schools wasn’t very readily accepted, a few years back. However, with the passage of time, boarding schools in Victoria Australia and other parts of the country have gained a lot of reputation.

Campus Safety

Ways Administrative Staff Can Improve School Safety

As a college administrator, keeping your students safe should be your number one priority. When any group of students feels threatened by danger, it’s your responsibility to protect and reassure the students that you focus on their security.

Advanced Education

Is It Worth Going Back to School After Retiring From the Military?

Figuring out what you are going to do next after you retire from the military isn’t always easy. Depending on when you get out, the options that stretch in front of you might seem limitless.

Campus News

Meet Gen Z

If you still consider Millennials to be the new kids in town, you need to update your thinking. Millennials are on the verge of turning forty, and the next generation is about to get their first or even second job.

College Living

A Guide to University Housing

Were you aware that university housing consists of many options that you must consider?

Campus Life

How To Market Your School Clubs on Campus

The purpose of college clubs is to connect with like-minded people who share similar interests or care about the same causes. Part of a group’s strength comes from its ability to build and grow.

Campus Cars

Ways To Reduce Accidents in Parking Garages

Many of us have experienced that stomach-dropping feeling when you’re backing out of a parking space and—thud. You accidentally back into another vehicle.


I’m About To Graduate High School. Now What?

You’re finally free. After 12 years of grade school, now you can choose what you want to do. Many people want to get a start on college right after high school, but what if you don’t?

Campus Life

Reasons To Buy an Electric Scooter

Finding reliable, speedy transportation for maneuvering college campuses isn’t always easy.