Back to School Tips for the College Student


By Vera Mosely

Start off the new school year right.

Summer is flying by rapidly. Before you know it, it’s going to be time for you to head off to college. Are you ready? With the right preparation, you can start the new school year off on the right foot. This means being both physically and mentally prepared for going back to school.

Getting Items Together for College

Getting together the physical items that you need for school is really the easy part. However, it does help if you do it sooner rather than later so that you’re truly ready to being the new year. Things that you need to gather for the new year include:

  • Up-to-date computer. You want to make sure that your computer is up to date, all new and necessary programs are installed and updated and all software for the year has been purchased.
  • School books. As soon as you know what classes you are taking, you should buy your books.
  • Dorm needs and new clothing. Get these purchases out of the way so that you don’t waste valuable time shopping during the semester.

Physical Preparation for the New School Year

It’s easy to stop taking care of yourself at the start of the new school year. Making sure that you’re healthy before that downslide begins is very important. Follow these steps:

  • Establish a 5-day-per-week exercise routine.
  • Eat healthy. Spend the rest of the summer eating healthy brain food.
  • Stick to a solid sleep pattern. Don’t waste the summer by staying up late and sleeping in later. Use a sleep routine that will work for you when school begins.

Tips for Preparing Mentally for the New Year

Getting ready for the fall semester is as much about what you do for your mind as what you do for your body. The following tips can help you get ready for the new school year:

  • Practice confidence. Whether you do affirmations or see a therapist it’s important to regularly practice being confident about school.
  • Set small goals and achieve them. These should be related to school to help get you in the groove for the new year.
  • Learn positive self talk. It will help you through the tough times in the upcoming semester.
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Celebrate your strengths and look for ways to offset your weaknesses.

5 Things to Do to Stay Healthy as the Year Continues

Stay physically and mentally healthy as the year continue using the following tips:

  • Carve out half a day each week just to hang out with yourself. This keeps you in touch with your ongoing needs.
  • Exercise at least once per week. Ideally, you’ll maintain your old routine but even if you don’t you need to devote some time to exercise.
  • Eat one healthy homemade meal per week. This prevents the problem of realizing at the end of the semester that all you’ve eaten is pizza and beer.
  • Always put a positive spin on your negative self talk. For example, if you’re telling yourself that you didn’t study enough and that’s why you failed a test, tack on the thought “but I can study more for the next one”. Then follow through.
  • Be patient with yourself. Do your best and accept that it’s going to be enough. College is a time to make mistakes and then improve upon them in order to become a better, smarter, stronger person!

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Vera Mosley is an expert on a variety of topics, including healthy living, parenting and family issues.  She is also a writer on a new Q&A site, answering questions with her knowledge on a variety of topics.


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