6 Alternatives To Backpacks for Daily Use

6 Alternatives To Backpacks for Daily Use
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    Everyone starts out with a backpack as their first official means of carrying their things.

    It is no wonder that backpacks have been the standard for so long, but they no longer must be.


There are so many alternative bags that have their own advantages, and you will not want to pass them up. Here are six alternatives to backpacks for daily use for any outing you go on.

Day Packs

These modern versions of the backpack have really been on the rise for people as they take day trips wherever they may be headed. Day packs are like a sized-down backpack, maybe a third the size of a regular backpack. They contain all the compartments and utility as the full-sized, making day packs the perfect bags for all of your personal needs while out and about.

Messenger Bags

A very hip way to get around and carry all your books and school supplies, this is a great alternative for those who don’t like feeling tied down to a backpack and like the sleek design that the messenger bag offers.

It’s also a great resource for hauling around laptops and tech if you want to keep things lightweight and easy to carry around.

Shoulder Bags

For the outdoor enthusiast, maybe you will need a change of clothes and some snacks, or even a first aid kit and essentials like an additional water bottle.

This shoulder bag that acts as a sling is for the real minimalist who enjoys the liberation of being completely free while outside, yet having the luxury of having a few tag-along items to carry with them.

Tote Bags

These oversized bags aren’t just a fashion statement; they are also a great means of carrying everything you need. Maybe for that beach trip, you planned on taking, or a picnic in the park. Perhaps you find yourself at a baseball game in the mid-afternoon soaking up the sun, and you have virtually everything you could ever need with your tote, because why not?

Hobo Bags

These bags find themselves lounging with the more Bohemian crowds. They’re not necessarily minimalist by any means, but they’re not also for stuffing to the brim. These bags are made for comfort and style, as you can truly be yourself and embrace your inner flower child with the addition of a hobo bag.

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Duffel Bags

For the ultimate destination junkie, you can put your entire life story inside a duffle bag. They fold up to a flat canvas square and store away as if they were never there also. Just the perfect bag for any adventure.

Stuff all your clothes, boots, gadgets, food, you name it—and the duffle bag will hold it. Just keep in mind that while there may not be a weight limit, you may not want to overfill it because you will ultimately have to carry it later.

So now you know that there are many different means to carrying your belongings with you. Whether you are a minimalist or prefer to rough it, you can always count on having the right bag for whatever your interests are. That’s what it’s great to have alternatives to backpacks for daily use so you can have what you need when you need it.

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