Yoga Your Way To Calm

Yoga Your Way To Calm
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    When we think about yoga it is often in the pursuit of exercise and transformation of our bodies.

    But transformation and balance of the mind is just as important, if not more so.


It is through this balance and strengthening of our mental muscles that we can maintain health in both the body and mind while calming anxiety and reducing stress.

The Anxiety Monster

Practices like yoga and mindfulness should not be overlooked by anyone that knows about the monster that is anxiety. From social situations to speaking in large groups to test taking, everyone has felt different levels of anxiety.

Academic performance suffers under the grips of anxiety and it is essential that students learn to reduce its power and take back control. Not only will grades improve but futures as well.

Hatha Yoga

One particular practice, hatha yoga, is especially helpful in mindfulness and stress reduction. The slow flow poses and meditation centered exercise is perfect for regulating a busy mind and body while reducing aches and improving overall health. This stress reduction is vital at any age.

The Stress Monster

Stress seeps into every facet of our lives and can have devastating impacts on our personal, academic, and professional lives. It has been estimated that workplace stress costs employers an average of three hundred billion dollars a year in America alone.

Stress leads to problems with the body, mood, and behavior. And the toll it takes on our partners, friends, and families is just the beginning. So let’s slow it down and learn to breathe regardless of our environment.


Keep The Calm

If you’ve never attempted yoga or meditation there are beginners’ classes available at studios and gyms. You can even try a beginners’ video on services like Youtube for free from the comfort of your own home, apartment, or dorm room.

No expensive workout wear is required. You can practice yoga in your favorite t-shirt and sweats or in your pajamas. Whatever is comfortable and promotes freedom of movement and relaxation.

Forget purchasing expensive equipment. Sure, a yoga mat and some nice blocks are great to have but they are far from necessary when you’re getting started. Pillows and tightly rolled blankets make for great yoga accessories.

Be creative and have fun. It’s an excuse free exercise with a plethora of ways to learn and keep the calm going.

Get Results

As you reduce stress it will inevitably lead to better sleep, better concentration, and better performance in school and all aspects of your life. You can target insomnia, anxiety, and specific areas of muscle tension. Some yoga routines awaken the mind and are great ways to start a day or deal with fatigue. Weight loss is possible with higher flow versions of yoga which, let’s face it, can also lead to stress reduction.  Who can argue with that?

Give it a try… your body, brain, and grades will thank you. 

Stephanie March is a writer and devoted yoga novice. You can find her on Twitter


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