Different Ways To Improve Parking Garage Safety

Different Ways To Improve Parking Garage Safety
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    One of the biggest priorities for schools should be to keep students safe on campus. Parking garages offer great convenience for commuting college students, but they also present significant risks that colleges must consider.


Read on below to discover a few different ways to improve parking garage safety.

Provide Ample Lighting

Dark and dingy parking structures pose several dangers to people and cars on the move. Illuminate paths and dark spots where attackers could wait for people walking to and from their vehicles. Bright lights also help in the transition from the sunny outside to the covered inside of the garage and make pedestrians and vehicles visible to drivers.

Set Up Warning Signs

Warn people to keep themselves and their possessions safe as they navigate the parking garage. Display signs reminding them to lock their doors and keep any valuables left inside hidden. Because most break-ins are convenience crimes, everyone can help decrease their risk of having their vehicles broken into by removing any temptations.

Monitor Deadly Fumes

Vehicles entering and exiting the garage emit significant levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2), two airborne pollutants that pose major health concerns if left unchecked.

Garages should be well ventilated so that pollutants don’t accumulate within. You can install carbon monoxide detectors to monitor dangerous CO2 levels.

You must also ensure that these structures have fan systems in place to remove harmful gases as soon as possible.

Keep Up With Maintenance

Criminals will look to see if people are monitoring the structures closely, and if they discover issues like broken bulbs and garbage scattered around inside, it can indicate that no one is checking the property.

Schedule routine inspections and address concerns such as damaged, worn, and slippery surfaces that can cause stumbles, slides, and slips, or overgrown foliage that can serve as a hiding area for would-be assailants.

Control Access Points

Regulating the accessibility of entrances and exits to different parts of a garage improves security. To control vehicle and pedestrian entry, use a security booth, gates, and barrier arms. Using structural components such as concrete blocks, fences, or other barriers limits access to secluded spaces and sites that can become hiding spots for criminals.

Hire Outside Security

Having someone in uniform present at all times can go a long way toward discouraging any potential criminal activity. Security personnel can report and investigate any suspicious activity they see and handle any issues that might pop up.

You can also ensure that only authorized students, faculty, and vehicles are using the parking structures and set up panic buttons that alert security. You can also put up phones in different areas so people can report problems.

It’s essential to prioritize people’s well-being on campus, and using these different ways to improve parking garage safety can be highly beneficial in that regard. Students and faculty alike will feel safer and more secure when you implement these strategies.

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