Best Ways To Get Around Campus Without a Car

Best Ways To Get Around Campus Without a Car
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    Living on campus during the semester without your car can be a bummer.

    This is especially true if you live in a college town without a ton of accessible public transportation; it can feel like you’re stranded or stuck in your five-block radius.


Without a car, grocery shopping, getting to class on time, and even holding down a job can feel impossible. Don’t fret; instead, check out these ideas of the best ways to get around campus without a car.

Ride a Bike

If you have your own bicycle, you can easily get around town. Be sure to wear a helmet and set up a system that can help you carry your backpack or groceries. It’s essential that you secure your cargo correctly to your bike to avoid losing anything.

If you do not own your own bike, there are still ways to use one to get around. Many campuses have bike-sharing programs that allow you to rent a bike for a few hours or days if you need to.

Get a Longboard

Riding a longboard around your college campus is a great way to cruise to classes, make your way to work, and even pick up a few essentials at your local corner store.

With a longboard, you don’t have to walk everywhere, and you can get to your destination quickly and with style. A bonus is that longboarding is also a fun hobby!

Roller Blade

Roller blading may feel silly at first, but it is a wonderful way to get around town with ease. You can do this easily on the sidewalk and maneuver through crowds without fear of crashing into them. You can carry your essentials in your backpack and enjoy free hands as you cruise.

Rent a Powered Scooter

Many college towns and cities have services that leave motored scooters around town, which are easy to rent off an app or a QR code. These are typically affordable, and you can work the cost into your semester budget. They are also very fast and can get you around town in the quickest way possible without a car.

Learn Public Transit Options

If your college town has public transit options, it is essential to research their schedules and stops. There just might be a bus that takes you from campus to the grocery store or near your work at the right times. Public transit is often the most affordable option and is easy to maneuver.

These are the best ways to get around campus without a car. It may feel more difficult to explore without your own car, but there are many options for you. If you have a friend with a car, make sure to ask to tag along for bigger grocery store runs—but don’t rely too much on them to drive you around town. Getting around your own is essential for everyday life.

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