7 Tips to Keep Your Dorm Room Clean and Neat as a College Student

7 Tips to Keep Your Dorm Room Clean and Neat as a College Student
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    As a college student, cleaning your dorm is essential, especially when it’s the weekend.

    Wiping all around the surfaces of your room, even clearing out your study area, your computer, emails, and any other type of cleaning are essential.


Like throwing out your ruined foods in the refrigerator and even old papers. Decluttering your old stuff can help your mind focus on your studies with a tidy and clean dorm.

Here are the 7 tips that will keep your dorm clean and neat as a college student:

1. Schedule your cleaning time

Cleaning your dorm isn’t supposed to be done at once, because this can overwhelm you. Just take a break and get your planning book and write down your schedule of time of cleaning. This can help you become more productive by doing small tasks each day.

2. Clean your simple stuff

Even though it’s not your cleaning day, you still need to clean to bring fresh air into your room. A fresh room can help you focus on your studies.

When it comes to removing the dust from your dorm, you don’t have to spend a lot if you don’t have the budget. Get an old t-shirt and distilled vinegar; this will be a perfect match for your dirty surfaces.

3. Fill your trashcan

As you clean up everything, don’t forget to throw away the ones that should be thrown away, such as old bottles of shampoo, moldy foods, and those broke shoes in your shower.

Don’t forget to dispose of them properly, or if you think that other people can still use those items, then you can donate them or recycle them if possible.

4. Find a partner to clean

If you have a dormmate, ask them for a favor to clean the room when it’s the weekend, or try to divide the task with them.

For example, maybe your roommate could do the chores like washing dishes, sweeping the floor, while you’re doing laundry and cleaning the bathroom. See if your roommate will agree with the chores plan.

5. Store cleaning supplies

If you have some money get cleaning supplies to make it easier to clean up your room, like Dish soap, paper towels, air freshener, a mop, mini-vacuum, Antibacterial wipes, these things are essential to keep your dorm fresh and clean.

6. Keep your stuff organized

It’s important for a student to be organized, especially if you’re in a hurry. By keeping your things organized, you will also keep your dorm neat and tidy.

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Make sure you keep your dirty laundry in the proper place as well as the trashcan. Also, keep all your hygiene supplies in the cabinet to avoid a messy room.

7. Clean your bed

It’s imperative to make your bed every day as a student before heading off to campus, so make sure that you don’t forget to make your bed first.

You don’t need to make it look very fancy; what matters is that you have your bed ready for another night. You also need to wash it and then remake your bed if you have fresh sheets ready.

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