The Best Career Ideas for Your Outgoing Personality

The Best Career Ideas for Your Outgoing Personality
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    How many times have the adults in your life asked you, “So what do you want to do with your career?”

    It’s a loaded question, and one that inspires some stress in young adults making life-changing decisions.


Luckily, your career path is never set in stone. You don’t have to make a permanent choice now! You have the freedom to choose your livelihood based on your unique skills and personality traits.

Some folks are looking for a quiet life. Introverts often flock to remote jobs and quiet offices. Meanwhile, many extroverts find themselves at home in sales, marketing, and outreach positions. There are plenty of career options for extroverts out there—if you love talking to people, consider one of these paths.

PR Manager

Put the “public” in “public relations” with your outgoing personality. A company’s PR manager is in charge of issuing press releases and generating buzz about products and services.

You’ll be in regular contact with media outlets, and in many cases, you’ll act as the public face of the company. Your natural extroversion will help you make valuable career connections and boost the company’s reputation.


Social media has put a 21st-century spin on product promotion with the advent of the influencer. An influencer represents a company on social media and encourages followers to buy products.

Learn how to become a brand ambassador and partner with your favorite clothing or beauty brands to promote their products on your social media pages!

Event Planner

Do you like to organize activities and events at school? Consider turning your passion for planning into a career path. Event planners do all the logistical work in organizing large events, from bat mitzvahs to industry conferences.

You’ll interact with a wide variety of people, from vendors to musicians to venue staff, and you’ll get the unique pleasure of watching your detailed plan come to life.

Social Worker

If you love working with people, consider a role that will help your community. Social workers assist individuals and families with everyday challenges. Are you a natural problem-solver?

In social work, you can connect your clients to resources they need, like food banks and mental health professionals. Become an essential part of your community’s support network! Your go-getter attitude will be a great boon to people in need.

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If you’ve grown used to an educational environment and see yourself continuing in that field, consider becoming a teacher yourself. Educators meet and interact with new people every day! Your outgoing personality will help you connect with students, and you’ll work with parents and other teachers to solve any problems that arise.

If you’ve got an outgoing personality and wish to take advantage of that extroversion, take inspiration from these top career ideas. Choose a field that will utilize your keen social skills and personable nature, and you’ll see your career flourish thanks to your natural extroversion.

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