How to Find Your First Apartment After College

How to Find Your First Apartment After College
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    Graduated from college?

    Congratulations, you've made it.

    Now is the time to start a new chapter in your life, and the best way to do it is to find your first apartment after college.


Need help with finding the right one? Here are some tips on finding a suitable flat quickly, without stress. These tips will also help you stay motivated to move to a new apartment.

So, let’s start this challenging but exciting venture.

Apartment hunting becomes a whole new experience after you graduate

Getting your first flat after college is another great leap into adulthood. Although you may have searched for apartments while in college, finding one after graduating is a whole new experience. And it’s even more alluring if you spent your college days in a dorm.

However, besides enticing, searching for an apartment may be overwhelming. Luckily, in this article, you’ll find some practical tips for reducing stress and getting an apartment that suits you best.

So, let’s make a plan. Say goodbye to the dorm and move to the apartment of your dreams.

4 Crucial tips to help you find your first apartment after college

There are numerous tips on how to pick an apartment after graduating. However, you should first refer to the crucial ones since they’ll determine the success of finding a flat.

And we’ve singled out four main tips:

  • 1: Choose a city and explore great areas in the city

    If you don’t have a job yet, you can give yourself the freedom to choose a city where to settle down. And the best way to pick the right one is to consider the job opportunities and quality of life.

    Moving is not something you do every day, so ask yourself if you want to live in this place. After you decide upon a city, start searching for the right neighborhood. All big towns offer fantastic areas.

    In New York, for example, you can choose from different boroughs, such as Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. These neighborhoods offer different vibes, life & work opportunities, the costs of living, and various apartment prices.

    So, explore some of the best NYC neighborhoods for college grads and get an insight into the way of life. There are some great areas in the city, and they are all worth considering. The one you pick will depend on your preferences.

  • 2: Know your budget

    Now that you’ve decided on the city and the neighborhood you want to live in, it’s time to consider your budget. Knowing your budget is the key to finding your first apartment after college.

    First, ask yourself how much you are willing to pay for an apartment. Compare your salary with monthly rent and living expenses so you know how much you can afford for an apartment.

    Also, calculate the utility bills. However, don’t forget that, for your first apartment, you will have to include other expenses, such as deposits and broker’s fees. To keep track of your monthly costs, write them down to ensure you can afford the flat.

  • 3: Check apartment listings

    The best way to find your first apartment after college is to check listing sites. However, be careful and only check the ones that are verified. Make sure that the company is legit.

    In the end, this is where you will live for some period of your life. So, choose smartly.

    Sometimes, some listings may seem too good to be true, and they usually will be.

  • 4: Inspect the apartments

    Sometimes, listings are not as accurate as they seem. Some flats are not worth the money. So, to make sure the price is okay, inspect the flat and check its overall condition. It would be a good idea to check it twice – during the day and the night to ensure everything is alright.

    Wonder what to pay attention to? You’ll need to check the faucets, water pressure, and light switches and keep an eye on the things that may need some repair. If possible, ask to spend a night in the apartment.

    Next, discuss moving-in details, such as the moving date, deposit, utilities, and cable, and ask whether the apartment will be painted before moving in. Also, don’t forget to ask about your responsibilities when leaving the place.

how to find your first apartment after college

Coziness is the first thing to consider when finding your first apartment after college.

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Other factors to consider when searching for an apartment

It’s not enough only to choose a city, its neighborhood, and its rental price. There are many other factors to consider when renting an apartment.

Here are some of the important ones:

  • Consider proximity to other amenities:

    You don’t want to spend much time commuting to work or other places. Try finding an apartment close to a supermarket, post office, hospital, school, etc.

  • Check the transportation system and average commute time:

    Proximity to essential amenities is irrelevant if the average commute time is long due to high traffic.

  • Think about outdoor activities you can enjoy close to your home:

    You’d like to enjoy your free time, not waste it while commuting. So, check the environment of your neighborhood and choose the one that offers diverse recreational activities.

  • Consider getting a roommate:

    If you want to reduce expenses, hunt for a roommate.

  • Pay attention to hidden fees:

    When choosing an apartment, it’s essential to consider some hidden fees. As already mentioned, there will be a security deposit.

    However, some may ask you to pay the whole first rent upfront. Some landlords require the last month’s rent too. Besides, there’s the broker’s fee, so check the amount in advance, so you don’t get surprised.

    These are some of the most common expenses you may not notice initially.

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Try to find a furnished flat

Although it’s not so common to rent a furnished apartment, try to find one. It will save both your time searching for the furniture and money for buying the pieces.

And if you cannot find a furnished apartment, research for furniture discounts or find people who are selling their own. However, don’t purchase the furniture at once. Buy only the most essential pieces if you want to budget according to your monthly expenses.

Ask friends and family who have recently moved to help you find a flat

The best way to find your first apartment after college and get familiar with the expenses it requires is to consult with your family and friends who have recently moved to the neighborhood. They are already familiar with the steps, so they can help you understand what is necessary to find a flat that suits you best.

This way, you will avoid many surprises. Having a strong network is the key to finding a suitable apartment. Good luck!

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