Features That You Need on Your College Campus

Features That You Need on Your College Campus
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    Colleges and universities have a lot of features and amenities that are hard to ignore, but there are some specific ones that not every campus has.


Features like these can make or break a campus, turning it from a traditional campus into one that every other school models itself after.

Read on for some features you need on your college campus.

Health and Wellness Facilities

It’s common to find different facilities on campus, but the extent to which they’re available can vary wildly from college to college. Students need a lot of help as they enter this new life period with thousands of others.

They’ll require dining halls to offer healthier meal options, basic health centers, mental health and counseling centers, gymnasiums and exercise spaces, and recreation rooms.

It’s hard to narrow down a specific addition that a college campus needs more than the others since they are all crucial for ensuring students and faculty are taken care of.

Any of these can help students in their college experience, but all of them working in conjunction can take that experience to the next level.

Smoking Shelters

You don’t want to encourage people to smoke on your campus. Even without your intervention, people will smoke, so the question remains: Where will people smoke?

People will find all kinds of places to smoke cigarettes and vapes, which can turn your beautiful campus into a cloud of ash, cigarette butts, and nasty smoke.

Thankfully, you can install smoking shelters on your campus that are safe for smokers. They’re beneficial to public places on your campus, but that’s only if they’re clean and people want to use them.

To keep your outdoor smoking shelter clean, you must provide plenty of trashcans, ashtrays, ventilation, and benches. In addition, campus maintenance staff should regularly sanitize the smoking shelter, empty the bins and ashtrays, and pick up any loose trash.

Different Career Services

It’s no secret that you’re supposed to have more job opportunities after college than without a degree, but recent times have made finding that perfect job much more difficult. Businesses are hiring, but they’re looking for people with experience recent graduates may not have.

That’s why your college must have a robust career services program. Without one, your students will have a much harder time finding a job, let alone one related to their degree.

Thankfully, some colleges offer job fairs and mock interviews. Other colleges have resources for academic advising, test preparation services, networking opportunities, internship positions, and resume development sessions.

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Small additions like these can make a significant difference in a student’s future, which is why you must offer these services and readily advertise them. Many students don’t know what’s going on at campus or how much it can benefit them until they see an advert, bulletin post, or are told directly by professors or other administrators.

You need these features on your college campus if you truly want it to shine. None alone will make the biggest difference at first, but features like these working together can shift the campus vibe. Smaller additions like these can subtly transform the entire mood as students start partaking in different activities and taking advantage of everything their campus offers.

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