Reasons To Buy an Electric Scooter

Reasons To Buy an Electric Scooter
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    Finding reliable, speedy transportation for maneuvering college campuses isn't always easy.


This list of reasons to buy an electric scooter will detail how these compact devices can help students get to class on time.

Efficient Travel

All college campuses are different in some way, especially when it comes to size. In some cases, traveling across campus is a breeze. However, some campuses are large enough to make moving from class to class quite stressful.

The farther your classes are from each other, the more effort you’ll need to put into balancing your daily routine to account for that commute.

Even if you have a car, that’s not always going to help you get to class more quickly.

In fact, depending on your school’s parking availability, using the car might be a slower way to travel. Luckily, electric scooters can get you from class to class quicker than walking all over campus will.

A good e-scooter will allow you to travel close to 20 mph, which can be incredibly useful on larger campuses. Many employees in downtown work environments even use electric scooters to beat the city traffic.

In other words, don’t expect an electric scooter to become obsolete after college.

Low Maintenance

Another popular way to travel across campus is a bike. So what makes e-scooters the better option? One of the top reasons to choose a scooter is maintenance.

If you’re worried about the responsibility of caring for an e-scooter while also balancing classwork, don’t worry; a good e-scooter requires minimal upkeep to deliver reliable performance. After all, the scooter is supposed to reduce stress, not boost it.

That doesn’t mean e-scooters have zero maintenance. For instance, these devices can fall victim to flat tires, which require immediate repair. Plus, if you own an e-scooter, you’ll need to stay on top of battery maintenance. However, scooter maintenance is easy to conduct and more affordable than your average vehicle upkeep.

Plus, that low maintenance proves even more impressive when you think about car upkeep costs. Anyone who owns a car knows how stressful paying for maintenance and repairs can be. If you take care of it, the relatively minor upkeep necessary for your e-scooter will prevent you from having to endure such car-related frustrations.

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Convenient Portability

One of the biggest reasons to buy an electric scooter over a bike is the portability of the former. If you ride a bike around campus, you’ll typically have to lock it up at a bike rack when you arrive at class. Unfortunately, this presents an opportunity for bike thieves to steal your ride right from under your nose.

Most electric scooters are foldable, meaning you can easily bring yours inside during class, as long as there’s a secure place to tuck it away, such as below your seat. E-scooters tend to be relatively light, too, meaning carrying one in a building can be both unobtrusive and comfortable.

Easy storage also helps with keeping your scooter out of the way in the dorm. Slide it into a closet, hide it under the bed—wherever’s more convenient for you.

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