Top 10 Best Educational Apps for College Students

Top 10 Best Educational Apps for College Students
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    College is supposed to be fun for everyone! But sometimes it's not, and sometimes it is!

    It depends on how you manage your friends' circle, faculty, extra-curricular, internships but most importantly, studies!


These are the things that will last you a lifetime! Fun that never really ends! But for that, you’ve got to study hard. Not just for exams and scores; but to gain real education and knowledge regarding your field!

Now, to learn more in this day and age, we need to be faster to grab at ever-growing technology. Most students lean on the internet now for knowledge. And in recent covid times, the entire world went to online studies to learn and grow.

With this, many more people were forced to be more digitally advanced! Therefore, we all got a technological revolution in the upcoming education system, and everyone is glad for it!

So, here are the top 10 best educational apps for college students! 


This is an app to learn different languages constantly! It is beneficial for students to learn other languages or study in different countries for various courses. They have trouble speaking/communicating or don’t know the language. This app will help them immensely. Go to this app and search for the language you want to know! 


This app is used to study various online courses. Their website says, "Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more."

This means that we can learn almost any subject on this app. It charges some money, and some of the stuff is free, but it’s all worth it! 


Here, one can have the exclusive features of the classroom on one single app. Just make a classroom and add students, and then you can assign them tasks and assignments too. You just need to have it both on the students’ and teachers’ sides.

It’s like a mystery room to have; you never know what dreadful assignments you will get to solve! In recent covid times, when everything was shifted to online (including studies), then google classrooms were used by many schools are colleges for healthy work balance. 


Udemy is famous almost everywhere! It’s an educational app that provides many free academic courses in all fields! Not just typical subjects, but arts and architectural designs, English literature, filmography, etc. It’s a great way to learn any topic you’d like. 


Skillshare is a platform that makes you learn any sort of skills you would want in your life. From dancing, singing, and arts to photography, cooking, and game! You can learn almost any skill here. These come for free or with a subscription.

You can see content or even upload your course on this platform and charge money; it’s all freely moving for any creator. You will have a great time learning here too.


This provides certified courses from various universities and even technical and technological courses for us at home. It charges fees as they are certificates issued by multiple high-end universities worldwide!

So, you should prepare in advance and be intelligent enough to compete for the assignments and projects to be valid and applicable for the certification. 

7. Photomath:

This app is used to use maths in all sectors. With this, you just need to upload your math problem’s photo on the app, and it will detect it and answer the question immediately.

It will not cause any harm or any issues. This is a cheap trick for all those who fear mathematics.  

8. edX:

It provides certifications from various universities on your phone as you can learn it in the broad sunlight. You need to be smart enough to get a certificate from these units because they are challenging courses to do with even more complex assignments and projects.

So, learn carefully.  

9. Google Drive:

We all have so many digital notes in these covid times that everything has moved online. From assignments and projects to documents and work-related stuff.

You need enough space to hold all that and organize all your things in one place, So you need to have a Google drive to store all your pdfs, documents, and articles.  

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10. YouTube:

Last but not least, you can find various things and tips, tricks, experiences, and vlogs regarding the places or colleges you want to eat.

You can learn the alum experiences and many more from YouTube, as we all do forever!


Use these apps, and let us know your experience in the comments below!

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