5 Apps That Will Make Going Back to School Easier

5 Apps That Will Make Going Back to School Easier
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    College students have difficulty adjusting to new classes and a new schedule during their first couple of weeks at school.

    But with some well-formed organization and planning, their introduction to the new semester will be easier.


Luckily, some apps will help students achieve this smooth transition and help them get a head start this semester.


The Calendly app will make your return to school easier with numerous ways to schedule appointments and organize your itinerary for the day.

You can share your available times via a link to a person through text, email, or messaging through the app. You can also send invites to people you want to book an appointment with, and it will allow them to accept the scheduled time you’ve set or set their own time. Downloading this app will help you prepare for the fall semester by getting your schedule in order and helping you stay organized for a balanced time at school.

Alarm Clock Xtreme

As a college student, it’s challenging to get up in the morning and get to class, and it may take a few weeks after the semester starts to adjust to your new sleep schedule. This alarm clock app will help you wake up at the right time with multiple features to ensure you don’t sleep through the alarm.

Some settings allow you to attach puzzles to the “snooze” and “dismiss” options when the alarm goes off. The puzzles come in different difficulty levels and will help jumpstart your brain when you wake up to get your mind active for the day.

Dragon Anywhere

Students with majors that involve a lot of note-taking or dictation will find this app useful. Lectures will require you to jot down a lot of notes, and you’ll probably need to make some edits after class, especially if the lecturer is a fast-talker. The app will allow you to edit or take notes using your voice, helping you make more personal notes you will comprehend. This app works well for an online class where you don’t have to turn on your mic, so you can speak freely to the app.

Pomodoro Clock

This is both an app and a useful technique for productivity. The concept of a Pomodoro Clock is to work for a certain amount of time, usually 25 minutes, and then break for a short period, normally five minutes. Having an app like this will help students returning to school increase their productivity without feeling burnout. You’re able to set the time parameters when you need more time to work or more time to break.


Some topics in math will prove to be more of a challenge than others, which is why you need your own free, personal tutor. This app will teach you different concepts in math while giving examples and practice problems.

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The use of these apps will be of great help in your college endeavors. Keeping a tidy schedule with tools that will help with most of the problems you’ll encounter will make your return to school feel easier.

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