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Common Misconceptions About CBD Oil

Due to its close relation to marijuana, CBD oil has been wrongly stigmatized as being the same as any other drug.

Job Search

4 Smart Tips for First-Time Nannies

Nannying is the perfect job for a college student. If you have just jumped on the nanny train and are new to this job, you have happened upon just the right information.


5 of the Best Sustainable Habits to Start Now

Want to do your part in helping out the planet? Now more than ever, it’s important to make environmentally friendly choices.

Personal Advice

4 Essential Tips to Prepare You for Adulthood

For some of you, graduation is right around the corner. Sure, you have three months, but those three months go by quickly when you’re going through your last year of school.

Campus Safety

5 Smart Tips for Staying Safe on Campus

As we head into the second part of the school year, it’s important to make safe choices.

Social Networking

How to Protect Yourself if You Are Cyberbullied in College

Cyberbullying isn’t a high school exclusive behavior. While teens have a reputation for being less than kind on the internet, college students can also be exceedingly cruel when technology is separating them from their target.


The Benefits of Learning English for Students

Many countries use English as their official language for their citizens to have a common communication language. It’s also the basic language used for office functions, and in the education sector in many countries.

Online Education

Study Differently With the College Alternatives

Endless coffees from library vending machines, pumping parties in noisy dorms and lecture halls teeming with hungover twenty-somethings – this is the campus lifestyle, and it’s not for everyone.

Fun News

Learning a New Language – As Easy as ‘A B C’!

This is some commentary from a college friend of mine: are you looking to pick up a new language for the New Year?

Career Planning

Growing Career Fields That Pay Well

As the nation continues to grow economically and recover from the most recent recession, there are a slew of job fields that are opening up to educated young adults. They offer a substantial projected growth within the next decade, accompanied by a healthy paycheck.

Career Planning

From College Student To Self-Employed: 4 Skills You Already Have For Success

For some students a college degree is the first logical step in becoming a successful entrepreneur. They dream of owning their own business and being among the self-employed. While some might chuckle at their audacity to dream, there is good reason to ignore those naysayers.

College Planning

HS College Planning Tips: for week of Sept 27

Review this checklist for items that should be completed at this time in your college planning process.