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4 Marketing Tactics to Get Prospective Students Interested In Your College

We often hear a lot about how getting into top colleges and universities is difficult for students, but the same holds true the other way round: it;s difficult for colleges and universities to attract top students too.

Job Search

Ways To Make Your Résumé Stand Out

Save the flair for your personality when it comes to applying for jobs. Your résumé should appear professional.

College Planning

Why a 2-Year Degree May Be the Right One for You

It seems like every time you turn on the TV or go online, numerous ads for colleges and universities pop up with numerous offerings. This is most likely due to more companies want employees who are either college graduates or currently enrolled in a degree program.

Campus Cars

The Benefits of Having a Car for College

Are you undecided about having a car for when you start your college adventure? After all, you might be worried about the costs it can incur when owning a vehicle.

Job Search

Common Mistakes Made When Interviewing for the First Time

Whether you’re about to leave college and head off to your first big job or are looking for internships, interviewing can cause a lot of stress for those who have never really done it before.

Student Health

How To Stay Healthy and Focused During College

College can be a fun time full of new experiences, but it can be a time filled with stress, as well. Because of this, taking some extra steps to look out for your health can be important.

Money Tips

Smart Shopping: 4 Clever Ways to Save Money

Saving money. It’s one of those things that most of us need to do, but when it comes to actually doing it, well, our plans often fall flat.

Money Tips

Tips for Becoming Successful Uber Driver in College

Finding ways to make money during college while working around your schedule is a challenge. Freelance side hustles are some of the best options for earning some extra cash without hindering your social or homework time.

Student Health

How To React Quickly in an Emergency Situation

Everyone remembers the emergencies they experience in life since they usually leave a deep imprint from the stress and shock. In emergencies, bystanders must take fast and decisive action to secure the safety and life of those around them, especially in medical emergencies.

Fun News

What To Know When Buying a Camera for Film Making

Are you interested in filmmaking, either as a hobby or a career? Filmmaking is an accessible hobby any college student can try, and all you need to get started is a good camera.

Personal Advice

Services That Can Benefit Your College Campus

When it comes to deciding on the types of services that can benefit a college campus, there are a few things to keep in mind. One thing that is essential is that these services should be able to supplement or completely replace the services that would otherwise be provided by a department like Human Resources.

Campus Life

Six Ways You Can Go Green on Your College Campus

One thing the entire world is becoming increasingly aware of with each passing year is the ongoing threat of climate change. The state of the world’s environment will drastically worsen if efforts are not made to stop it.