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4 Ways Taking a Gap Year Can Help College Students Grow

It is becoming more and more popular for students to take a year away from school between high school and college; this is called a gap year and is being encouraged by counselors and educational institutions worldwide for many reasons.

Education Tips

Tips for Succeeding in Your College Intro To Theology Class

Taking on a college course in theology might be the most challenging and controversial thing you ever do. Be prepared to defend yourself and your beliefs.

College Living

What Is Spirit Wear and Why Is It Important?

Embodying your school spirit is exciting, but there are dozens of ways to do so, like with spirit wear. So what is spirit wear, and why is it important?

Online Education

Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning

The concept of online learning is hardly new, however, it is undeniable that during the past year and a half, distance education developed by leaps and bounds. If you are considering furthering your education this way, considering some of the advantages and disadvantages of this setup may be a good idea though.

Campus Cars

What You Should Know About Distracted Driving

Driving a car is a privilege that not many people have in college. You can navigate quickly to wherever you need to go and visit home without arranging prior driving arrangements. However, your friends may rely on you for rides, or you may be the first carpool choice for every social gathering. Either way, owning a car is a big responsibility.

College Living

Housing Options To Consider After Freshman Year

Location, location, location. This applies to everything, including housing options to consider after freshman year. Read on to learn which one’s right for you.

College Living

Act Early To Benefit from College Residence Options

There is a noticeable correlation between students who live on campus in the first two years of college and their retention rate. The safety and convenience of living at college seem to have a definite effect on student success.

Personal Advice

The Ultimate List of Tennis Gear Essentials

Tennis is an exciting and fun sport to play at college, but you need all the essential equipment. This is the ultimate list of tennis gear essentials.

College Living

Best Ways To Get Around Campus Without a Car

Being on campus for the semester without your own car may feel like you’re stuck—but check out these ways to get around without your own vehicle.

Student Health

The Importance of Consumer Education in the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis industry has intrigued millions of people in America, and if you’re like most, you have a long list of questions regarding whether it’s right for you. How does cannabis work? Is it safe to use daily? What are the side effects of using products such as CBD oil?

Traveling Student

4 Things You Might Have to Replace on Your Car

There are quite a few steps that you can take to protect and maintain your vehicle, but you will most likely have to replace at least a few parts over the years.

College Living

The Benefits of Taking Breaks During Lunch

After a long day of lectures, enjoying your downtime in between is vital. Here are the benefits of socializing and relaxing during lunch breaks.