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Studying Problems? You’re Not Alone.

Tweet One of the biggest challenges for college students today is studying. If you don’t think so just look around you: students are on cell phones, using their iPods, surfing

Study Tips

15 Creative Writing Topic Ideas

Tweet Taking a creative writing class can help you develop your composition skills, a talent much needed in the working world. Despite micro-blogging, text messaging, and various short message service

Study Tips

7 Strategies For Finishing Your Term Paper Early

Tweet You know the type of student I am thinking about: just days before their term paper is due, they suddenly get cracking and decide to burn the midnight oil

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Redundancies Are Just Plain Repetitive!

Tweet Redundancies are sometimes part of our casual speech, terms which are incorrectly repeated in a sentence. While in college I remember hearing people use “revert back” in their sentences,

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Refining Your Academic Goals Midstream

Tweet Over the next few weeks, millions of college students will be returning to campus to begin the ironically named spring semester. With the coldest winter in recent memory upon

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Caught Red-Handed: Plagiarism Checkers Really Work

Tweet That essay you’ve been working on looks and sounds really nice. You’ve put together a convincing report, have checked your spelling and grammar, and you’ve cited multiple sources. Unfortunately

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Irish Hoax Exposes Wikipedia Problem

Tweet You’re toward the end of finalizing research for your senior seminar paper and are finding it difficult to get the required number of sources to back up your work.

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Free College Textbooks: Fad or Fabulous?

Tweet Let’s face it: college is expensive. Way too expensive! Worse, the cost of higher education continues to rise at a faster rate than inflation, making it very difficult for

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Study Tips For End Of Semester Exams

Tweet Yes, final exams are about to begin. You’ve worked all semester to complete assignments, finish your term papers, and put the final touches on your studying. Now it comes

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You Can Write A Winning Essay

Tweet If you are a high school senior, a student who is getting ready to send off your college application or apply for a scholarship, one of the most daunting

Study Tips

How To Improve Your Study Skills

Tweet You’re well into the new academic year and you’ve already received some important feedback from your professors. A couple of tests, a pop quiz, and several writing assignments have

Study Tips

Citations Done Right

Tweet Today’s college students have it easy. Let me rephrase that: the internet has made some of the work that students must do a whole lot easier to accomplish. Case