8 Study tips to Help You Ace Your Upcoming Exam

8 Study tips to Help You Ace Your Upcoming Exam
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    You have set your mind to ace your next exams with straight A's. You have your study material ready.

    But then you don't know how to start.


You desire to, but you just can’t! Fear no more. Here are a few study tips. The best part? They are based on science.

It might take a little effort to get used to your new study habits. But in little or no time, studying will be easier than you thought it is. Read on!

1. Write, write and write.

This may seem really boring and stressful. But it has been scientifically proved that, the more you write, the more you’ll remember. Jot down those chemical reactions and math equations. You will remember them better than you thought you would.

2. Get high on caffeine.

Not literally. But sipping a cup of coffee during study will help you stay focused and make you less sleepy. Caffeine has been used for ages to drive away sleep during midnight studies.

3. Move around.

Research has proved that studying in different places effectively boosts remembrance of the data. Studying the same bit of information at a library, and then at a coffee house, makes it very unlikely for you to forget what you studied.

4. Treat yourself.

Treat yourself with a cookie (or whatever you like!) after completing each page of the textbook. So if you want more cookies, you’ll have to finish studying more pages. Its a win-win situation!

5. Take a break.

Please. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to study for a test, and then you start cramming everything into your head. Little do you know that studying in intervals actually boosts your memory and gives you an edge while studying. Don’t go on forever with the break, though.

6. Workout.

Just twenty minutes of mediocre exercise before you sit down to study will help you grasp information better and faster. Try it out!

7. Meditate.

Sounds boring already? But just a few minutes of inhale and exhale before studying will boost your attention span three times more!

8. Explore.

See what works for you. There are many ways to grasp information real quick. But it will not work for everybody. Just try each and every method and see what gives you the best results!

So that’s it folks. These eight tips will help you ace those tough exams and tests with less or no stress! Please do feel free to help your friends by sharing the post on your social media connections. Sharing is helping after all!

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