4 Things You Learn During Finals

4 Things You Learn During Finals
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    No matter how focused a student you are, honest truth is that the finals will always drain you completely.

    Well, at least not completely if you cared to visit the library in the course of the semester.


However, if you are one of those last minute persons who will only find their course material two weeks before the finals – then, you will be facing one of the toughest moments in campus life. There are things that remain facts all the same. One is that you will have to read. Here are things getting through finals teaches you:

Coffee was made for students

Not only do you discover the sudden sweetness of coffee during finals, but you also learn that the stronger coffee is, the better it gets. That is not the case on an ordinary day. But finals present nothing normal. Hold on to your mug, brew it hot and keep it coming. A single drop of sleep could very well cost you that degree – and you know how much your parents are waiting to celebrate. Note of caution though: do not poison yourself with coffee.

Alcohol is not a good friend

In the middle of the semester when your highest worry in the world is your relationship status, you can drink the heartbreaks away. If it finals however, you read away your sadness. Any thought of the bar sends cold shivers down your spine – as the case should be if you were half serious with graduating on time. If you have over indulged in drinking during the semester, then time gains new meaning to you. You know clearly that every wasted hour needs to be recovered.

You love yourself

Otherwise, you would not be reading that hard. While you can let yourself loose for an entire semester and live carefree, the finals truly remind you that you care enough to be there for yourself when it matters. The amount of self sacrifice exercised by college students during finals must be one of the highest kinds of love shown to self. So yes, you do love yourself – and finals are the evidence.

You are tougher than you take credit for

Talk about reading for an entire day, with only a yawning break in between – it happens all the time when end of semester knocks. Your strength will be tested, if you have not had your first finals yet. And believe it or not, you will survive. So, whatever your fears and worries are, getting through finals should remind you of your resilience and strength.


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