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10 Tech Based College Success Tips

Tweet Many of today’s college students are tech savvy enough to get by but other will need a little guidance while they enter into the tech jungle known as modern


Improving Education With Technology

Tweet Education is big business. Whether you are a parent of teenagers attending high school, teacher at your local elementary school or president of a university, it’s your job to

Campus Life Technology

An Overview of the iPad 2

Tweet The iPad 2 is the second generation of ipad tablet computers whose origin is from the giant computer company called Apple. This new iPad primarily differs from its predecessor


Bluetooth Technology and its Benefits

Tweet By way of description, Bluetooth is an open wireless radio technology designed for the exchange of data within short distances. It makes use of short radio wavelength transmission to


5 Essential iPhone Apps for Students

Tweet By Lior Levin Today, more students are carrying smartphones than ever before and, increasingly, those phones are factoring in to how they prepare for their classes. As a result


Will the Nintendo 3DS Revolutionize Handheld Gaming?

Tweet By Justin Germino There is no doubt that the brand new Nintendo 3DS — featuring 3-D Technology without the need for 3-D glasses — is revolutionary, especially in such


Best Media Apps for the On-The-Go Family

Tweet By Amy J. Silver Traveling alone is challenging enough; traveling as a family can be a hectic affair, fraught with possible delays and forgotten items. But technology can make


4 College Laptop Buying Tips

Tweet Besides tuition, room and board, books and scads of fees, there are other expenses associated with attending college including the purchase of a laptop. Some schools offer incoming freshmen


8 Tech Gadgets Every College Student Should Consider

Tweet By Tom Tessin Every year that I look at the new, incoming freshman for the year, I’m always fascinated by the technology.  I didn’t really graduate that long ago

Campus News Technology

Mashable Contends Facebook Fury Remains

Tweet Is more grief heading Facebook’s way? Last week, Facebook announced changes to its amazingly popular social networking platform in response to flak it has been receiving from privacy and


Illinois University Provides Apple iPads for Undergrads

Tweet There is an app for that! Quick! Plan on registering for fall classes at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago if getting a brand spanking new Apple iPad

Fun News Social Networking Technology

MySpace Seeks to Capitalize on Facebook Discontent

Tweet New privacy settings rolling out in coming weeks. Earlier this week, we reported that a group of New York University students were working at building Diaspora, a social networking