The Dark Side of Technology in College Life

The Dark Side of Technology in College Life
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    College is not a place for just another student life, but a final step before you choose a career for your life.

    So it is important that you make the most of this time as it is the golden opportunity to make your future life a better one.


You should not get anything, especially technology, come your way of achieving something big for yourself. Technology has advanced a lot and you can get information about anything and anyone with just a tap of your finger. But it is important that you use the modern day technology for your good advantage and not the bad.

The Power of Smartphones

Smartphones have come a long way in making our lives simpler, but unfortunately it also gives a way for people who want to do things that are just not right for themselves as well as for the society they live in. Survey says the highest number of hackers in the world are from college going crowd, and it is very unfortunate that such people do not think about the consequences that can ruin their future life as well as their parents’. One wrong act using technology can put you behind bars and that will seize all the opportunities for you to become the successful person you always dreamt of becoming.

Good and Bad???

So it is important that you learn the good and bad sides of all technologically advanced products or gadgets that are available in the market. Use technology only as much as you need to accomplish your tasks at college such as your project works, research, online education, etc. Today’s teens are so obsessed with technology, especially smartphones, as you can do amazing things on the move, but using it for wrong reasons can spoil your life, respect in society and even harm the feelings of others. So refrain from using your gadgets to harm others for the sake of your own benefits.

The world is connected through the internet and it is easy for anyone to access any information. As a college student you must learn to control the use of internet and other technologies, and learn how to use them ethically to avoid getting yourselves in trouble. Not to forget, the governments of all countries are doing their part to ensure no hacker or unethical technology user gets away without stringent measures taken on them. You may use technology to make some easy money but that will not last long term, as the cyber laws have become more organized and stringent.

Technology is really good if you know how to use it the right way. So learn about new technology, how to use it for good and how much to use to help yourselves and the community to continue advancing in terms of technology, thereby making the future better and safer for our planet.


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