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NCAA Football

Time to Start Getting Ready for the College Football Season!

Tweet For different fans this could mean different things but the goal is the same: to support your alma mater or favorite team in the most fun way possible. Tickets

Student Health

What You Need To Know About Rheumatoid Arthritis

Tweet Health Line reports that around 1.3 million individuals within the United States have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. They also report that, on average, out of every 100,000 individuals,

College Planning

7 Ways Today’s Universities Are Changing

Tweet Thanks to a handful of cultural events, American colleges have experienced a number of radical revolutions in recent years, and few universities remain as their alumni remember. For better


College Education Money – A Place You Haven’t Looked?

Tweet You are going to college! Cool! Ready, Set, Study! Fun times ahead. But do you have your college education money all set aside, or do you have a plan

Career Planning

Medical Technology Watch: Exciting Career Opportunities With Laser Technology

Tweet Laser technology in particular is rapidly expanding in many different healthcare sectors so specialists with a laser and light core of knowledge are definitely on the rise too. Cosmetic


17 Best Apps for College Applicants and College Students (Part 3)

Tweet prior apps: #1-#5 prior apps: #6-#11 12. Instapaper What it does – saves web pages so that you can access them later, even when you do not have Internet


Why College Students Need Health Care Too

Tweet Today there are more than 48 million Americans that have little or no health insurance, and those numbers are expected to go up by 20% in the next ten

Personal Advice

Staying Safe When Using Online Transportation Services

Tweet We have all heard of these services, and most of us have used them, but few people really consider the safety measures that ought to be taken when using


17 Best Apps for College Applicants and College Students (Part 2)

Tweet 6. Common App Mobile What it does – allows you to fill out your applicant through your mobile phone but this not recommended. Best used for – checking the

Personal Advice

Sleeping Tips for the Tired College Student

Tweet You know the life-at-college drill – Wake up, rush to class, hit the library, grab something to eat, back to class, hit the study hall, meet up with some


17 Best Apps for College Applicants and College Students (Part 1)

Tweet We researched many of the learning apps out there and chose the 17 most helpful apps to the average college applicant and student. These apps can aid you with

College Budgeting

College Budgeting – Methods to Make Your Life in College Easier

Tweet The good news is that it is possible to get the most out of your finances so that student life doesn’t have to be a constant feeling of strain