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Will Facebook Find its Match in Diaspora?

Tweet Since it was first launched in February 2004, Facebook has been on a meteoric rise with more than 400 million registered users worldwide. Emerging out of the shadows of


Facebook Supplants Google, But For How Long?

Tweet reported in March that Facebook passed Google in traffic during the middle of March, but it wasn’t the first time that the Big G’s dominance online was usurped.

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Study Says College Students Addicted to Social Media

Tweet Now we have a name for it: addiction. Addicted to what? Social media. At least that is the conclusion made from a study published last week. University of Maryland

Campus News Social Networking Technology

Twitter Phishing Expedition Widens

Tweet You’ve been hacked! Unfortunately, you may not even have known it. Until someone asks you about your direct message to them where you mentioned that you have been having

Social Networking Technology

15 Way Cool Social Networking Sites You Never Heard Of

Tweet MySpace is so 2003 while Twitter remains a mystery for most college students. As for Facebook, have you tired of a site where people you barely know send you


10 Google Apps For College Students

Tweet By now, you know that Google rules the world. Or at least it sometimes seems that way. Google Buzz Last week, Google Buzz was launched, an alternative of sorts


Twitter Local Trends: Campus Useful?

Tweet Twitterati who logged onto Twitter at any point from last Wednesday on discovered a new feature at their disposal. Local trends is here, a way for people to track


Will The Apple iPad Change Everything?

Tweet Rumors have been swirling for weeks that the Apple iPad would be released, but when the news went down this past Wednesday there wasn’t much else that people wanted


San Francisco Institutes Open Source Software Policy

Tweet Tech students take note: the city of San Francisco recently announced a new software policy where Open Source is now the rule of the land. At least where city


Skype Gets Some Private Loving

Tweet Although cell phones are favored by college students as they make their way around campus, Skype offers a better overall value particularly for long distance and international calls made