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Taking A Look Back At 2007

Tweet With millions of students in attendance at various schools of higher learning across the US, campus life is the frequent topic of discussion in the news. From victory on

Campus News

Commercial Colleges: Buyer Beware?

Tweet The American capitalist system is a tremendous example of a financial engine which has raised the standard of living for citizens, particularly over the past two or three generations.

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Merry Christmas!

Tweet From the blogging team of Krayton M Davis and Matthew C. Keegan we extend Christmas greetings to you and yours today. We appreciate your visits to SayCampusLife and invite

Fun News

At 87, He Is A College Grad

Tweet Most students receive their college degrees while they are in their 20s with some returning students getting their degrees while balancing work and family responsibilities. A growing trend in


Welcome To SayCampusLife

Tweet We’re Under Construction! We are in the process of building an all-new website for your reading pleasure — SayCampusLife. Our goal is to bring to you timely information and