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University of Phoenix Owners Must Pay Damages

Tweet No sooner had I posted the article yesterday about the University of Phoenix, did I see a news story stating that the owner of the school, the Apollo Group Inc. had fraudulently misled investors. A federal court ordered the group to repay shareholders about $280 million in

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Is the University of Phoenix a Rip Off?

Tweet With more than 400,000 actively enrolled students, the State University of New York is the nation’s largest university system, beating out California State University by a few thousand students.

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What Are The Best Values In Higher Education?

Tweet College costs continue to surge, rising at a pace that is at least twice the rate of inflation. At some private universities the cost of tuition, room, board, books

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College Newspapers: A Dying Breed?

Tweet Today’s students prefer to read what they want online.  Way back during the days when I attended college, the student newspaper was a hot mover. Everyone knew where they

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Illinois Students Attend School Virtually

Tweet Not every student has to get up early in the morning, throw on a pair of jeans, stop by Dunkin Donuts for a cup of joe and a sausage

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How Expensive Is Your College?

Tweet If you are in college or planning to attend college in the next year or two, then you are probably aware just how expensive higher education has become. Even

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Happy 2008 From SayCampusLife

Tweet Krayton M Davis and Matt Keegan extend to you greetings for the new year. May 2008 be a year of academic achievement, good health, and clear direction on where

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Taking A Look Back At 2007

Tweet With millions of students in attendance at various schools of higher learning across the US, campus life is the frequent topic of discussion in the news. From victory on

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Commercial Colleges: Buyer Beware?

Tweet The American capitalist system is a tremendous example of a financial engine which has raised the standard of living for citizens, particularly over the past two or three generations.

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Merry Christmas!

Tweet From the blogging team of Krayton M Davis and Matthew C. Keegan we extend Christmas greetings to you and yours today. We appreciate your visits to SayCampusLife and invite

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At 87, He Is A College Grad

Tweet Most students receive their college degrees while they are in their 20s with some returning students getting their degrees while balancing work and family responsibilities. A growing trend in


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