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Student Loans

Career Training Loans Can Close The Financing Gap

Tweet Career changers will sometimes need to return to school in order to get the training they need to take on a new job. With this recession putting millions of

Student Loans

Understanding Federal Stafford Loans

Tweet Students who will be needing additional funding to pay for their college have a number of options available to them including applying for private and federal student loans. Federal

Student Loans

Are Federal PLUS Parent Loans Right For You?

Tweet Over the next few weeks, families will learn the exact amount of money owed to their student’s college for the upcoming academic year excluding certain expenses such as textbooks.

Student Loans

Sallie Mae And Your Student Loan

Tweet As students head off to college over the coming weeks, many will have received scholarships and grants to help pay for their schooling while others will tap 529 college

Student Loans

I Can’t Repay My Student Loans!

Tweet Students who are planning to graduate from college this spring or have recently graduated may be finding the going difficult in securing employment. Since last summer unemployment in some

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Private Student Loans Changing Under Sallie Mae

Tweet The nation’s leading provider of student loans and administrator of college savings plans, Sallie Mae, has announced that they are making important changes to their private student loans, a

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Book Review: Paying For College Without Going Broke

Tweet When the opportunity came up for me to review “Paying For College Without Going Broke,” I immediately jumped at the chance. After all, at we’re here to share

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How To Beat The High Cost Of College

Tweet College tuition costs continue to rise, outstripping the rate of inflation year in and year out. Add in room and board, fees, books, labs and related expenses and the

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$100 Million Set Aside For Illinois College Students

Tweet Illinois college students got some very good news over the weekend. No, it wasn’t the Fighting Illini’s 47-21 Saturday gridiron thrashing of in-state rival, EIU, rather it was the

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Student Aid Is Tougher To Find

Tweet With college students returning to classes in droves over the coming days, many parents are still scrambling for ways to cover the cost of higher education. A tough economy

Student Loans

Overcoming Student Loan Debt Via Loan Consolidation

Tweet Six years after starting school your son or daughter has a Master’s degree from a top notch university such as Brown, Duke, or Gonzaga. Years of hard work and

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Congressional College Oversight Bill Passes

Tweet Colleges and universities all across America may soon have a big incentive to contain costs if President Bush signs a Congressional oversight bill as he is expected to do.