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You Can Finish College One Year Early

You may be aware that it is taking some full-time college students five or even six years to complete their education. That’s a long time spent on campus and a costly one at that.

Education Tips

Initial CLEP Exams Are Free For Military Personnel

Military personnel who are seeking to enter college may have quite a bit of life experience under their belts. That experience may be enough to fulfill some college credits without taking college courses, what the College Boards’ CLEP (college level experience program) makes possible through testing.


How to Speed Up the College Completion Process

The typical college student is no longer the 18- to 24-year-olds that finished high school and immediately went on to college. Today’s college students are a diverse lot and include military veterans, stay-at-home mothers, business folk, and others.


CLEP Your Way to a College Degree

Tweet CLEP is managed by the College Board, the same organization that has brought to you the SAT — the most widely used college admission test. Its CLEP program also

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7 Ways to Save Money at College

Tweet Keeping your college budget under control. Read on for some valuable and timely tips on how to save money at college. 1. Apply for financial aid — Regardless of

College Budgeting

College’s Hidden Costs Loom Large

Tweet College costs fluctuate and are largely dependent upon student aid. However, there are many fees involved which are not negotiable, expenses such as the following which can add up:

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How to Return to College Years Later

Tweet Perhaps to pursue a new degree or to complete some unfinished business, mature students often have a completely different outlook on life, gained through life experience and accomplishing goals

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Free Tests For College Credit In Minnesota

Tweet The state of Minnesota is offering a unique program for high school students: free college credits are being given to those who take (and pass) certain state-approved tests. Unfortunately,