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4 Basic Rules When Having College Roommates

It’s common to have roommate/s when you’re in college. Having a roommate can have its advantages as well as disadvantages.

College Living

How to Deal With a Difficult College Roommate – 4 Creative Methods

Tweet Instead of a dream, it’s a nightmare. You both have conflicting personalities. You are a neat freak and they are a walking disaster. You’re a free spirit and they

College Living

Dealing with the College Roommate From Hell?

Tweet You have been waiting for this moment for what seems like an eternity. Putting in all the hard work in high school has finally payed off and you’ve been

College Living

5 Essential Tips for Living on Campus: Do’s and Don’ts

Tweet Living on campus has almost become a rite of passage that most university students have to go through. From the convenient location to the social opportunities available, campus life

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Handling Your First College Roommate – 10 Tips

All across the country, incoming college freshman are getting ready to move away from home for the first time. For many of these new college students, moving away from home means living with a roommate for the first time as well.