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Free Tuition and Community Colleges

Earlier this month, President Obama called on Congress to support an education initiative that would provide free college tuition at two-year schools, namely community and technical colleges. The initiative is loosely based on the “Tennessee Promise” model adopted by the Volunteer State.


The Benefits of Free Community College Education

This past Feb., Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam proposed that his state provide free community college tuition for eligible residents. The proposal surprised not a few people, especially given that Haslam is a Republican, yet it was welcomed by many across the political spectrum.

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Report Shows the Economic Benefit of Community Colleges

America’s community colleges are two-year public schools and are often not fully appreciated for what they do. Community colleges prepare Americans for work, by offering certificate programs and associate degrees that can lead to a whole range of jobs.

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Free Community College for Tennessee Students?

A handful of states provide free community college to some students with the provision that they graduate from high school with high grades. In Tennessee, high school students regardless of grade point average may be admitted to the Volunteer State’s community colleges for free if a proposal from Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam gains approval and becomes law.


Short-Term Goals for Community College Students

As you begin your community college experience, you may find that the campus environment has some similarities to high school, with some stark differences too.


Four-Year Degrees at Two-Year Colleges: Why Not?

Its a movement that has been gaining steam nationally with Michigan and Florida among the states now embracing the idea.

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Community Colleges Continue to Face Financial Challenges

America’s community colleges continue to provide access to higher education for millions of students. These two-year schools, sometimes called technical colleges or junior colleges, are generally affordable; many provide open enrollment to high school graduates and to those with a GED.

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President’s College Rating Initiative and Financial Aid

If you listened to President Obama’s speech last month about higher education and affordability, you may have nodded in agreement with his comments that college has never been more important nor has it been more expensive than it is right now.

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NCEE Study Faults High Schools on Student Community College Preparedness

Tweet Community colleges, also known as technical colleges and junior colleges, offer a higher education starting point for many students. The College Board notes that more than 1,200 such schools


Choose Your Community College and Win

Tweet Sometimes known as technical colleges or junior colleges, community colleges can provide a good and affordable education for students. Community Colleges Community college enrollment is at record levels as

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College Job Training and Single Moms

Tweet One way that women are advancing themselves is through higher education initiatives. Community colleges, for instance, offer job training programs for single moms, by providing a pathway to success

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Low Graduation Rates Plague Community Colleges

Tweet States lose out when students fail to finish college. In recent years, community college enrollment has spiked as students look for a cheaper way to obtain education. Unfortunately, the