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5 Used Cars For Under $5,000

“Affordable” and “used car” are words rarely uttered together, given the inflated prices of all vehicles in recent years. Then there is a matter of reliability, what tends to fade after many years of driving.

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What Small Cars Are Within the Price Range of College Grads

Tweet Current models offer plenty of value for the money. Besides, you no doubt realize that a 1999 Buick LeSabre just won’t impress anyone…perhaps it is time for you to

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Hyundai Goes Blue With The Elantra

Tweet Compact cars are usually the model of choice for first time car buyers, vehicles which seat four or five people, come equipped with a fair number of standard features,

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America’s Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles Announced

Tweet On an ongoing basis, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculates the fuel economy of every single vehicle sold in America, determining fuel economy for both city and highway driving.