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Paying for College Tough for Parents, Says Sallie Mae

Tweet How families pay for college. We have long heard stories about how difficult it is to pay for college. Those costs continue to rise at a pace that is

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6 Car Shopping Tips for College Students

Tweet Still, funds are tight, therefore his choices are limited to older cars, some that may need repairs. Without the mechanical background to take care of a car, he’ll need


5 Ways to Reduce Your College Costs

Tweet While student loans have its place, there are five ways to reduce your college costs significantly, thereby reducing your reliance on borrowed funds: 1. Fill out a FAFSA —

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Group Says Community College Students Are Denied Funding

Tweet Community college is one of the most affordable ways for students to obtain college credits, an important launching pad to four-year schools or for offering sufficient training through offered

Campus Cars

College Grad: New Car Now or Wait?

Tweet One dilemma facing recent college grads centers on transportation. You may have a job, but you don’t have a vehicle to transport you from your home to your place

Finance Student Loans

Understanding the True Costs of Financing

Tweet College aid programs, including scholarships and federal Stafford loans may not cover the full  portion of your college costs. Therefore, many students are turning to private student loans to

Study Tips

How to Balance College & Work

Tweet Ideally, you’ll head off to college and your tuition, room and board, books and other expenses will be covered. No concern about money — that worry is out of

Book Reviews

Book Review: Debt-Free U

Tweet Tackling the college cost conundrum A UMass senior believes families are needlessly taking on too much debt in hopes of giving their adult children a head start in life.