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Career Planning

Job Security and Your Career

There was a time in the history of the United States when workers could start at a company, rise through the management ranks, put in about 40 years and then retire with a pension.

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

College Football: Charting the Changes

Tweet Fall practice for the 2013 college football season begins in a few days with the season getting started on the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. Since the last games

Career Planning

Career Choice: Reporters and Correspondents

Newspapers have been slammed by the Internet, a disruptive force that has set the reporting industry on its head. Out of any change or conflict can come opportunity, thus there are new ways to report and disseminate the news by enterprising people.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Hairdressers, Hairstylists, and Cosmetologists

Everyone likes to look his or her best, right? Thanks to the hard work of diligent professionals such as hairdressers and cosmetologists, the task of making you look good is in capable hands.

Campus News

Paying for College Tough for Parents, Says Sallie Mae

Tweet How families pay for college. We have long heard stories about how difficult it is to pay for college. Those costs continue to rise at a pace that is

Online Education

Should You Take Online College Courses?

Students seeking to advance their education have numerous options available to them including public and private colleges and universities, two-year programs and online schools.

Career Planning

Career Choice: Medical Secretaries

Medical secretaries typically work in the background at hospitals, doctor’s offices and medical practices, individuals you may see when signing in for services, when discussing a bill or for obtaining a referral to another practitioner.

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Summer College Football Headliners and Reports

Tweet Practice is set to begin in about two weeks for major college football teams across the nation. By the end of August, the first games of the season will


Flunking Out: How to Stay in College

Because of your dismally low grade point average, you have received notification from your college advisor that you must pull up your grades or risk getting booted out of college.

Education Tips

College Seniors: Life Beyond Academia

College students approaching their final year of undergraduate studies have much to consider. A year from now and you may be looking for work, gainfully employed or turning your attention to graduate school.

Education Tips

College Juniors: Consider Studying Abroad

What might be the best advice that anyone can give to a college junior? Some may say, “Opt for a double major,” while others may emphasize, “plan for your master’s program now.”

Education Tips

College Sophomores: What to Consider

You did it! You made it through your first year of college and are returning this fall to advance your education.