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Western Governors University Promises No Tuition Increase

Tweet University holds the line for 2010-11 academic year Salt Lake City-based Western Governors University has promised to hold the line on tuition for the 2010-11 academic year, bucking a


Lower Interest Rates Make Student Loans More Affordable

Tweet When it comes to paying for higher education, many students are finding that they are coming up short when they take a look at their tuition bill. The price

Advanced Education

5 Steps Toward Attending Grad School

Tweet If you have a bachelor’s degree, the next logical step for some students is grad school. With an advanced degree your job opportunities can increase and you possibly can

Student Loans

New Grad, Fresh Debt – Now What?

Tweet Congratulations, You’re In Debt! You just completed college and have your degree in hand, you’ve accepted the job offer and are planning to begin work in July or August,