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Career Planning

College or Career? 4 Different Educational Paths for Prospective Students

It has become increasingly common for students to spend four years in high school, spend four years in college and then embark on their chosen career path. However, this model may not be ideal or feasible for every student.

Online Education

The Travel Benefits of Studying Online

Many students have a strong desire to travel the world and see as much of it as possible. Perhaps you’ve been on a few trips abroad and are itching to do more of it.

Advanced Education

3 Ways to Save Money on Your Master’s Degree

After finishing your bachelor’s degree, you might be considering furthering your education by going on to study a master’s program.

College Living

How To Balance Your Social Life And Schoolwork As A Freshman In College

Joining college gives most people their initial taste of independence. You get to meet lots of like-minded people, make friends and most importantly, pursue your preferred course.

College Living

7 Key Safety Tips Every College Student Should Be Aware Of

Safety measures such as campus security staff, campus escort services and call boxes in parking areas are common in most colleges. This shows that learning institutions take the security of their students seriously and that is why they go to such lengths to protect them.

Personal Advice

Freshman Survival Tips – How To Find Your Place In College

You’re officially a college freshman. Congratulations! You’re ready to enjoy some of the best years of your life. However, finding your place in college and feeling connected to the entire campus community will take you just as much effort as coming to college.

Advanced Education

Is Endovascular Surgery The Medical Path For You?

Constant waves of students entering the medical field do so because they want to help others. However, don’t ignore the field you choose to enter.

College Living

Tips and Tricks for Non-Traditional College Students – Part 2

Going to college can be an intimidating prospect for anyone, but the task can seem far more complex for a non-traditional student…

Traveling Student

3 Amazing Benefits of Studying Abroad on a College Sponsorship

As you get older, things like work and family might keep you from traveling the world. College is the perfect opportunity to explore and see all the sights the world has to offer.

Job Search

7 Important Steps for Preparing for Your Next Job Interview (Part 2/2)

Job interviews are a daunting prospect, whether it is your first or umpteenth one, but with solid preparation, you can breeze your way through it. Just bear the above 7 steps in mind, and you’ll nail it with thorough research, concise delivery, immaculate presentation and a winning mentality…

Education Tips

4 Serious College Mistakes That You Can Avoid (Part 2/2)

Since the heart of college is all about finding yourself, both as a student and a person, there are bound to be a few slip-ups along the way. But some mistakes can be totally avoided, and realizing this before it’s too late can spare your wallet, your grades, and your overall sanity.

Personal Advice

Why Dropping Out of College is Not as Big of a Decision as You Think

Most college classes are geared toward teaching a student a predetermined set of information. Most students spend everyday going to class and only occasionally dreaming about where they will work once they graduate.