7 Key Safety Tips Every College Student Should Be Aware Of

7 Key Safety Tips Every College Student Should Be Aware Of
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    Safety measures such as campus security staff, campus escort services and call boxes in parking areas are common in most colleges.

    This shows that learning institutions take the security of their students seriously and that is why they go to such lengths to protect them.


While these precautions are great, it is also very important that college students make campus safety their personal responsibility. Here are some things they can do to improve their safety:

1. Every Student Should Be Aware Of His/Her Surrounding

Make it your responsibility to know your campus very well. Don’t put yourself in compromising positions by exploring unfamiliar locations within the campus, especially by yourself. This is because most attackers will often target students who look confused, distracted, helpless and lost.

2. Never Walk Alone In Campus, Especially At Night

If possible, avoid walking in campus alone, especially during the night. You’re safer if you move in the company of your friends, classmates or acquaintances. That’s because being in a large group gives you more power than when you are alone. No wonder attackers always prefer attacking individuals to groups of people.

3. Know Your Neighbors And Roommates

One of the most important things you should do when you get to campus is to know your neighbors and roommates and become friends with them (if possible). Doing so not only gives you a sense of belonging and community, but also a safety net, in that you’ll have more people caring about your well-being and watching out for your safety.

4. Always Lock Your Room When You’re Not Around

Campus dormitories are a hotbed for stealing. Your expensive phone, laptop, money and other valuables can be stolen in a flash if you leave your dorm room door open (even just for a minute). So, always make it your responsibility to lock up your door whenever you are not around. Your roommates should do the same too.

5. Get To Know The Safety Resources In Your Campus

As a student, it is also your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the safety resources in your campus. This includes knowing the emergency phone number of your campus security department and adding it to your speed dial, as well as knowing your college policy regarding using the campus escort services or shuttle.

6. Tell Your Friends Where You’re Going

Always tell your friends and roommates where you’re going, what you’re going to do there and when they should expect you back. This is especially very important if you’re going out of campus at night alone (which is not recommended). If possible, be in the company of your trusted friends to avoid being targeted by attackers.

7. Take Self-Defense Classes

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to equip yourself with the necessary skills to defend yourself in case you’re attacked. So, don’t shy away from taking self-defense classes offered free in your campus.

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