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New Car For My Kid? What, Are You Nuts?!

Tweet If your son or daughter lives on campus — far away from home — what sort of transportation do they rely on? Public transportation? Ride sharing with other students?

Campus Cars

America’s Most Fuel Efficient Vehicles Announced

Tweet On an ongoing basis, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) calculates the fuel economy of every single vehicle sold in America, determining fuel economy for both city and highway driving.

Campus Cars

The Fuel Thrifty 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt XFE

Tweet For students needing a car while on campus, your choices abound. From a well used family vehicle to a late model used car, the used-car market for buyers remains

Campus Cars

The Smart Fortwo: Tiny & Affordable

Tweet One of the smallest cars ever made, the Smart Fortwo, is now available for sale in the US. First introduced by parent Daimler AG Company (Mercedes) in 1998, the