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Moseying Down To The Sweet Sixteen

Tweet As expected, the opening weekend of the 2009 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament produced a lot of excitement, a handful of upsets and some good stories to take away from

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Last Ten — Say Again?

Tweet Men’s college basketball, particularly on the Division 1 level is a peculiar beast with 360 teams playing at that level. At the end of the season, each squad with

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Swish! UConn Is The New Number One!

Tweet The men’s college basketball season is in the heat of conference races, with most teams having already completed the first half of their conference schedules. February is traditionally the

Collegiate Sports NCAA Basketball

Men’s Basketball: Let The Real Season Begin!

Tweet I like Division 1 college men’s basketball but I must admit that I don’t start watching games until conference match ups begin. That means from mid-November until about the

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Its Do Or Die Month For College Football!

Tweet The last full month of college football is upon us with key games being played this weekend. Texas, Alabama, and Penn State are clearly in the hunt for the

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Headliner Gridiron Match Ups This Weekend

Tweet The second half of the college football season is in full force, with most teams having played at least seven games, with some already having gotten eight games in. 

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Enjoy College On A Shoestring Budget

Tweet Poverty and college seem to go hand in hand, at least that appears to be the case for many college students, but not for the school itself. You may

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Bet On It: No Bowl For Michigan This Year

Tweet One of the most prestigious names in all of college football has fallen on hard times lately and I’m not talking about Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish had their

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

Weekday College Football Is Getting Crazy

Tweet I’m not sure how most college football fans feel about the topic, but I’m finding that weekday college football games are getting out of hand.  Call me a traditionalist,

Collegiate Sports NCAA Football

August Football — Now You’re Talking!

Tweet It has been over ten years now since the college football season started to open its season in August. Labor Day weekend is when most teams get started even

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Academic Progress Rate Reports Are In

Tweet Founded in 1910, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has long worked with colleges and universities to ensure that student-athletes and their participating athletic programs meet association guidelines, with

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An Introduction to Bracketology 101

Tweet Some college courses are so boring, that enduring them takes a lot of fortitude (and coffee) to handle the challenge. Unless the course is an elective, you’re stuck for