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Money Tips

Financial Literacy: 5 Most Important Lessons for College Students

Tweet We all are part of post-economic crunch times. The financial meltdown of major banks last decade has had its effects on people from all walks of life – including

FAFSA Form Tips

5 Mistakes Students Make When Filing FAFSA and how to Avoid Them

Tweet The best and easiest way to complete the FAFSA (Free Application For Federal Student Aid) is do it online, and early. Although the primary aim for FASA is to

College Budgeting

Tax Breaks and the College Student

College students and their families should know that there are certain tax breaks available to them. With college costing more now than ever before, any sort of tax assistance can help keep these costs under control.

Education Tips

State Residency and Your College

You live in one state and plan to attend college in another state, but there is one big drawback: the public university that has accepted you will be charging you at an out-of-state rate.