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Term Paper Essentials for College Students

As much as you may wish that you did not have to do them, term papers are a fact of academic life. Simply put, a term paper is a lengthy essay or dissertation, one based on a subject that may or may not be of your liking or choosing.

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Use 6 Ways to Eliminate Distractions While Writing a Paper

Tweet There is no parent to nag you until the project is complete, and previous teachers who monitored your every step are no longer looking over your shoulder. It is

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How to Write a Winning College Term Paper

Tweet Your paper must be in-depth, cite the appropriate sources, offer your insight and be plagiarism-free. These days, with so much information easily available online, the plagiarism part must be


How to Write an Effective College Term Paper

Tweet By following a careful “system” for writing your term paper, you can ensure that it will receive the best possible grade, aiding your overall grade as well. 1. Pick

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15 Tips For Writing Your College Term Paper

Tweet It is April and you haven’t started your term paper yet. Shame on you! Seriously, procrastination is an art form and it can be fun to watch panicked students

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7 Strategies For Finishing Your Term Paper Early

Tweet You know the type of student I am thinking about: just days before their term paper is due, they suddenly get cracking and decide to burn the midnight oil