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Student Aid Bill of Rights Signed by Obama

President Barack H. Obama has made good on one of his higher education promises. On Tuesday the president signed a memorandum at Georgia Tech in Atlanta instructing the Department of Education and other federal agencies to discover ways to help students with loan repayments.

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At A Glance: Student Loan Debt

One way that college students pay for their education is by taking out student loans. When done judiciously, such loans can help students complete their education and go on to successful careers, earning enough money to pay off their debt.

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Publisher Will Drop Lawsuit Against University Librarian

A chill wind will sometimes blow, one that challenges freedom of speech. When not countered by outrage and protest, such winds have a habit of spreading and growing, making it even more difficult for people to speak out in the future.

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Census Study Reveals Employment Trends for Working Students

Tweet Most college students do work while attending college. Students that work their way through college are nothing new. Perhaps a bit surprising is that nearly three-quarters of all college


12 Tips for Succeeding at College

Tweet You can succeed at college — here is how. 1. Let’s face it: you really do not know what it takes to succeed at college, especially when you’re just

Career Planning

Career Choice: Bookkeeper

Tweet Such professionals are also tasked with ensuring the accuracy of the information received, by posting transactions to the correct categories and verifying the receipts of other workers. Bookkeepers typically


Have Master’s, Can Teach (Maybe)

Tweet At certain colleges and universities, your master’s degree may allow you to teach as an adjunct instructor, but a degree alone is no guarantee that you will land a

Education Tips

Summer College Programs for High School Students

Tweet Summer college isn’t for everyone, but can be useful for students seeking to gain an academic edge as they prepare for college. Columbia University — Open to students entering

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Community College Advocacy Group Notes Shortcomings, Makes Recommendations

Tweet AACC sees America’s economic leadership at stake. The AACC recently finished a study of the community college system and found numerous shortcomings. In its related report, the AACC made


Sallie Mae To Reverse Job Outsourcing

Tweet Founded as a government sponsored enterprise, SLM Corp. which is better known to students as Sallie Mae,  has helped millions of students fund their college education through its portfolio