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The Tom Sawyer Guide to Wriggling out of Unpleasant Tasks

Tweet By Vincent King The “misery loves company” approach serves a two-fold purpose. When the burden is shared the task is diminished and the time passes faster. Often the draftee will

Online Education

How an Online Degree Can Bring You Closer to Your Dream Job

Tweet By Chase Jenkins You don’t have to hate your job. With the help of an online degree, you can start working in a field that you love. Do you

Career Planning

University Study Supports Overqualified Job Candidates

Tweet Unemployed job seekers have found that during this time of double-digit unemployment, the number of jobs available are limited. But even for those positions which happen to be available,

Personal Advice

5 Fun Activities For Winter Break!

Tweet Colleges and universities across the nation are finishing up their fall semesters giving students a long break that will last them through Christmas, New Year’s Day and, in some


Can I Get a Job With an Online MBA?

Tweet By Philip A. Rudy You are ready for a change  — you are sick of your daily grind and need something new and refreshing in your life. Maybe you


How to Make the Most of Your Senior Year at College

Tweet With the fall semester more than halfway over, college students planning to graduate next May have just six months of school left before they must move on to a

Study Tips

How to Balance College & Work

Tweet Ideally, you’ll head off to college and your tuition, room and board, books and other expenses will be covered. No concern about money — that worry is out of

Career Planning

10 Job Prep Tips For College Seniors

No sooner have college seniors cracked open their textbooks for the first time this fall …

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How to Make Money at College Sitting at Your Computer

Tweet By Ryan Child Nearly every college student wants to become rich while there’re still at university. The main problem these students believe they have is a lack of time.


Return to School at Any Age

Tweet By Kyle Simpson Just because you’ve found yourself living in the winter of your discontent doesn’t mean it’s too late to return to school. In fact, just the opposite

Career Planning

Smart Job Seeking Tips For Today’s Grads

Tweet The percentage of college graduates leaving school with both degree and job offer in hand is low, as the job market continues to show signs of stress. In April

College Training Personal Advice

College Jobs That Work For You

Tweet By Sarah Harris You thought you could go to college on scholarships and student loans, freeing yourself up to focus exclusively on your studies. But between the rising cost