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Critics Call for Closure of Kaplan University

Tweet Founded in 1937 as the American Institute of Commerce, Kaplan University is owned by the Washington Post Company and is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and

Career Planning Education Tips

College Programs and How They Manifest Into Career Industries

Tweet By Paula Newton Choosing a major has never been more complicated. There are an ever increasing number of different possibilities to select from – the options can seem confusing

Education Tips

Top Psychology Careers for 2011

Tweet By Vera Mosely Do you want to find a well-paying job in the field of psychology? Here are the top options in 2011. Psychology is a fascinating field. Many

Personal Advice

Camera on Hand: College Party Days

Tweet By Amy J. Silver Going to a party in college is one thing. Throwing a party in college is a whole other story. Knowing how to throw a killer


Will the Nintendo 3DS Revolutionize Handheld Gaming?

Tweet By Justin Germino There is no doubt that the brand new Nintendo 3DS — featuring 3-D Technology without the need for 3-D glasses — is revolutionary, especially in such

Personal Advice

What to Wear to Work – In a Modern Company

Tweet By Duncan Heath Most people may think that the hardest work-related attire decision they will face is what to wear to their interview. Do you go super smart, or


College Scholarships: January 2011 Roundup, Part 2

Tweet Earlier this week we shared with our readers a number of college scholarship opportunities that are currently available, each with February 2011 deadlines.  That list is a good start,

Personal Advice

Teaching Your College Child About Credit

Tweet By Kirby Cranson It is true that college opens up a world of new places and experiences — great restaurants, concert venues, new places to shop and people to


College Scholarships: January 2011 Roundup

Tweet Yesterday, published information about one foundation’s multiple scholarships for high school and community college students, urging our readers to check our scholarship search page for additional opportunities. We


CHS Foundation Announces College Scholarship Initiative

Tweet It isn’t too early to apply for scholarships if you are planning to attend college in the fall. In fact, some college scholarship deadlines have already passed. But, don’t

Fun News

The Tom Sawyer Guide to Wriggling out of Unpleasant Tasks

Tweet By Vincent King The “misery loves company” approach serves a two-fold purpose. When the burden is shared the task is diminished and the time passes faster. Often the draftee will

Online Education

How an Online Degree Can Bring You Closer to Your Dream Job

Tweet By Chase Jenkins You don’t have to hate your job. With the help of an online degree, you can start working in a field that you love. Do you