Can I Get a Job With an Online MBA?


By Philip A. Rudy

You are ready for a change  — you are sick of your daily grind and need something new and refreshing in your life. Maybe you want to make more money. Maybe you want new challenges and experiences. Whatever your motivation, an online MBA can help you achieve your goals.

An Online MBA Shows You Are Dedicated

A lot of people think that an online MBA is less important than a degree that you get from actually attending school on campus. This is a completely misguided idea. Most employers treat online degrees just like a degree that is obtained from attending a university or college. You will have plenty of opportunity to get jobs and advance in your career with an online MBA. In fact, employers will look at you favorably if you obtain an online MBA.

A company’s management knows how difficult it can be to make it through your online coursework to finally get your degree. You have to be extremely self-motivated. You dodge distractions on a daily basis while you are working toward your online MBA.

Imagine sitting down to begin work on an assignment for your degree when you notice that a rerun of your favorite TV show just came on. It is a whole lot easier to push your work to the side for later in order to enjoy your show. However, you know what an online MBA can do for you so you press on. The people that are hiring you know that these kind of sacrifices are made on a daily basis. They know that you are focused and can get tasks done on time.

Showcase Your Independence

People that are hiring you will also know that you are independent after you have obtained an online MBA. The plan for a lot of people’s lives includes going to high school, then going to college and then settling down to start a family. You show that you are able to break the mold by getting an online MBA. You are able to step outside what most people do and actually achieve something for yourself.

You are not following the crowd when you get an online MBA. Instead, you are showing your independence and your ability to think for yourself. These are qualities that management desire in the workforce. You will have already set yourself apart with an online MBA.

A Variety of Job Options

In addition, you won’t be limited to only a select few career paths with your online MBA. You will have so many different job options available to you that you might have a hard time even deciding where to start applying. This is a good problem to have. The more choices you have, the greater the probability that you will quickly find a job. No matter what your interest is, you will be able to break into a field that you actually like with an online MBA.

Maybe the best part about an online MBA is that you will have all of these job options available to you after just spending time earning your degree in your pajamas. That is right, you can go to school without getting dressed. This is made possible because you never even have to leave your bedroom.

Your online MBA can be earned by simply logging onto your computer. This allows you to have a flexible schedule and get what you want out of your life. Don’t worry about answering questions during class or small talking your classmates. None of those mundane things weigh you down with an online MBA. You are able to do things at your own pace with the knowledge that you will still be able to get an excellent job after you have earned your online MBA.

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Phillip A. Rudy writes about Online MBA options and programs in a bid to help professionals explore their career options.


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