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Get Ready for Your College Scholarship Interview

With the cost of higher education as high as it is, students should apply for college scholarships to help defray their expenses. Billions of dollars in college scholarship money is offered every year with awards ranging from one-time gifts of a few hundred dollars to full-ride scholarships at top-notch universities.

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How to Approach Your College Job Event

Tweet Read on and we will examine the best approach for you to take as you prepare for and attend a college job fair. 1. Write your resume. You will

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Job Outlook Offers Mixed Bag For New Grads

Tweet Students who are finishing up their college studies this month or next are finding that their job prospects are rather limited. However, for those who are able to find

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10 Tips to Getting Your First Job

Tweet The job market is tough, but that’s no reason to dread graduation day. The job search for any recent college grad student is a grueling and up-hill process, but

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Thank You Letter Fundamentals For Job Seekers

Tweet What is the most important writing assignment for college seniors these days? If you answered “term paper” that is a good answer, but there just may be a much

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What College Seniors Must Do To Land A Job

Tweet If you’re a college senior and planning to graduate school over the next several weeks, then you fully understand how difficult the job market is right now. If you

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7 Steps To Landing Your First Job

Tweet College seniors are busy finishing up their final year of studies, trying to complete important course work and getting the best grades possible. Next summer is expected to be