5 Key Tips for Staying Organized in College

5 Key Tips for Staying Organized in College


Especially if you’re in college, you don’t have time to spare looking for things you need because you weren’t organized. Staying organized in college doesn’t have to be so hard.

5 Ways to Make Staying Organized in College Easier

It’s been proven that if a student is better organized, they’re going to be more successful. If your academic performance is suffering because you’re having trouble staying organized in college, you can make a few easy changes.

  • 1. A Place for Your Keys

    It might seem simple, but having a dedicated place to put your keys each day could potentially save you a huge amount of time.

    Keys are one of the number one lost items, and losing them literally traps you. Add a key hook to your front door, or a magnet that you can stick your keys on every single time you come home.

  • 2. Make a Schedule Collage

    With Adobe Spark, you get access to a free college schedule maker. That means you don’t have to stick with your boring old planner.

    You actually get to create your own planner, and customize it to just what you need. Get fun graphics, and find the best personalized fit for your schedule.

  • 3. Color Coding

    You can use all those colored Post-It notes that you have in order to color code your life. Got papers do? Those are red.

    A quiz? Those can be green. Maybe appointments are yellow, laundry is yellow, and due dates are orange.

    Whatever you need to do, set up a system that will easily signal all your obligations.

  • 4. Cleaning Spree

    If you have a super cluttered desk and a cluttered backpack, it can literally tell your brain that you’re more stressed. Naturally your performance will suffer.

    Even your computer desktop might be full of files that you need to clear out. Do a deep dive and clear out your junk, and you’ll start to breathe more easily.

  • 5. Wrap it Up

    You might not realize how many cords you have until you actually take a second to pause and look. Your laptop cord, your phone charged, your mouse, your camera.

    Wrap all those cords up with either duct tape or a cord holder. You’ll be astounded at how much more organized you look in one simple move.

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Don’t Stop There

Just because you know five new ways to make staying organized in college easier doesn’t mean that you have to stop at those five.

Once you start, don’t stop. The more organized you are, the more it will cross over into other areas of your life as well. Saving the time you would have spent looking for things and use them to do the things that you actually want to do.

Think organization can’t change your life? Think again. After these five tips, you’ll be a believer.

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