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College Living

Back to School Backpack Shopping Guide for College Students

Tweet In order to do so, you need to dress the part and carry your belongings in the perfect bag. Many college students will agree that one of the most

College Planning

Looking to Go Back to School? How to Find the Right College or University

Tweet Luckily, there’s something you can do to simplify the process. When comparing schools, you’ll want to have a completed checklist. This will help you find the best school for


Eliminating the Most Common Excuses for Not Getting Back in School

College is one of the most amazing experiences some of us miss due to obligations beyond the academic arena. Making a choice to go back to college is often put up against the responsibilities of everyday.

Education Tips

How To Make it Easier to go Back to College After Several Years

Going back to college as an adult – after been away for several years – can be a nerve-racking experience, at best.

Personal Advice

5 Tips for Saving on College Textbooks

Tweet By Howard Brady More than eating dinner at the dorm cafeteria, more than trying to hoof it 5 miles across campus in the 10 minutes between classes, and more

Personal Advice

Back to School Tips for the College Student

Tweet By Vera Mosely Start off the new school year right. Summer is flying by rapidly. Before you know it, it’s going to be time for you to head off

Personal Advice

Off To College: Avoid The College Bookstore!

Tweet The following is one in a series of articles for students heading off to college. To help make your transition to school a smooth one, why not download your

Personal Advice

How To Save Big Bucks On School Supplies

Tweet With the first college classes just weeks away, most students are winding down from their summer break and are looking to finish their back to school shopping as soon