5 Android Apps That Will Save You Money

5 Android Apps That Will Save You Money


By Nick Williams

It seems like everyone is watching their pennies at the moment, you seemingly can’t have a conversation these days without it at some point turning to the state of the economy. Words like ‘double dip’ and ‘negative growth’, being thrown around like they were going out of fashion. Add to this equation the fact that you may still be in school or have recently left school and subsequently working to an even more finite budget; things aren’t looking much more positive.

“Cut back” and “economize” you might say. You would be right. However there are those essentials or even those non-essentials which you will still ‘have’ to buy. The most prudent of shoppers know that for these repeat purchase products and even some impulse purchases; even the smallest savings can make a difference in the long run.

We have trawled the Android marketplace and found 5 applications which cannot fail to save you money. Be sure to remember who your friends were when the entourage starts forming:

1. GasBuddyYou or the people you are riding with are going to need to fill up at some point. Instead of employing the typical “find the nearest sign” technique applied by most of us; using a more calculated method will ultimately lead to big savings in the long run. GasBuddy lists gas stations that are closest to the user’s current location, and the prices that the stations are currently selling fuel at.  The prices and stations can be sorted by fuel type (regular, midrange, premium and diesel). It really will change the way you buy fuel. Be careful though not to set the range too high though; as surely travelling 15 miles to the cheapest station negates any potential saving you were set to make.

2. Tethering with PDAnet ($30) — There has been a lot of ‘buzz’ surrounding ‘tethering’ lately. For those who don’t know, tethering relates to using your Android phone as a sudo-wireless hub; allowing your PC or laptop to connect to the Internet through it. There are a number of tethering apps available on the marketplace although the majority require pretty heavy coding knowledge in able to get them working. PDAnet costs $30 dollars, but is in comparison has a painless and risk free set-up. This might sound like a lot of money for one app, but how much are you paying for your internet at the moment? Imagine the savings you could make by removing internet from your monthly bills…

3. Skype mobileSkype has been around in different forms for a number of years now; the VOIP giant allows users to make free Skype to Skype calls (wherever on the planet you are) and send IMs. Skype on Android allows those of you with Android phones the same luxury! Brilliant for times when you have run out of minutes or when your friends have left the city, state or country.

4. Barcode ScannerWe all know there is going to be time when total frugality is left in the car, when all you want to do is mooch around the shops or just hang out with friends. For those of you with little or no willpower or for extremely time sensitive products this isn’t the app for you. For everyone else it is brilliant. Barcode Scanner allows you to scan the barcode of any product and retrieve price comparison results based on geographical stores or alternatively online retailers. You can then either use that information to order or track down the most economically viable alternative or just ignore it altogether and complete the impulse purchase you were going to make in the first place.

5. The Coupons AppI couldn’t possibly finish this list of money saving apps without including something to do with coupons. Using coupons really will save you money, although prior to using applications that entailed carrying a bundle or paper receipts around with you, most of which were out of date anyway. The Coupon App allows you to browse valid coupon or search for them by brand; it has an extremely comprehensive list ranging from restaurants to electronics. It also allows you to use the barcode scanner to search for available offers on a specific product – nothing like combining two money saving apps…

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