5 Hobbies for College Students

5 Hobbies for College Students
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    College students keep an intense schedule, one that is particularly trying when mid-terms and finals loom as well as for when term paper deadlines are approaching.


Certainly, you can grab the Wii or xBox to create a diversion, or put on a pair of running shoes and hit the track. There is another way for students to let off steam and that is through a hobby. We will take a look at five hobbies that college students can take up to keep themselves alert while also having some fun.

1. Start a collection. It does not matter what you like to collect, but if there is something that strikes your fancy and promotes relaxation, then have at it. The old standbys are coin and stamp collections, along with trading cards, out-of-print books, comic books and model cars.

Some collectors can’t get their hands off of buttons, coasters, figurines or even beer cans, assembling an unusual collection in their dorm room or apartment. Movie posters, bottle caps, bumper stickers and even shot glasses are possibilities. If you have the means to afford it, collecting crystal is also an option.

2. Get to the gym. Begin a workout regimen, one that you do with friends or alone. You will meet new people at the gym, perhaps finding a workout buddy for mutual support.

Learn what times your gym is open and schedule your appearances. The hobby part is challenging yourself to greater levels perhaps in strength training, boxing, martial arts or swimming. Use these times to find what routines works for you and develop a pattern that leaves you tired, but refreshed.

3. Launch a blog. Facebook seems to have taken the steam out of blogging, but not entirely. You will still find a handful of sites that attract a following and are well received by readers of all ages.

Your own blog can be useful for conveying your thoughts on a platform that you control. Acquire the domain name that matches your first and last name or launch a blog based on what you like to do. Develop your own writing schedule, upload photos and ask your friends to stop by and leave comments. Build a community or simply use your blog as an online journal.

4. Take up a musical instrument. You have wanted to play a musical instrument since you were young and simply did not have the time. Soccer, church choir, LEGOs and an assortment of other fun activities filled your time.

What sort of instrument is of interest to you? Certainly, you could borrow your brother’s trombone or your sister’s flute and start playing. You could just as easily teach yourself guitar, by following YouTube videos offering instruction. Just as easily you can find your college music club and hang out there, perhaps asking another student to give you lessons.

5. Plant a new business. Although we most certainly would not encourage you to quit college before obtaining a degree, you may find yourself tempted to do so if you put your business action into place while you are still in college. You have heard the stories about a 19-year-old Bill Gates who started a business in his parent’s garage and eventually quit college to form Microsoft. Other entrepreneurs have done the same, but these people represent a very tiny number of individuals.

From your dorm room, you can start most any business including an online store. Show forth your retail prowess by selling products you enjoy promoting, using a drop shipper or third party supplier to move these goods. You don’t need to have inventory on hand, allowing others pack and ship items for you from remote warehouses.

Just Have Fun

If your hobby becomes a stress-inducing chore, then it just is not right for you. Or at least your approach to it is perhaps too intense. Use your hobby to help keep yourself calm, offering balance in a world that seems to be spinning around faster than ever before.

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