5 Key Benefits of Student Health Insurance

5 Key Benefits of Student Health Insurance
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    Student days are some of the best of our lives, for many of us.

    If we go on to study at university after college we get the chance to expand our minds and academic horizons.


But we’ll also get new chances to take part in a range of activities we might never have known about before, and some universities stack up better than others.

New independence

For most students, going to university will be their first time living away from their parents. They will be responsible for their own welfare for the first time in their lives. This means that rather than being covered by their parents’ health insurance, they can make use of the benefits student health insurance has to offer.

Cheap deals

From a staggering 40 per cent off total insurance prices to up to 3 months free introductory offers, a quick internet search shows that students can take advantage of some incredibly cheap deals. This is mainly because many are young and from (relatively) comfortable backgrounds, which makes them more healthy overall and less likely to make expensive claims.

Life options

Insurance companies also know that some students earn more than average when they graduate, so they offer cheap student deals in the hope high-earning graduates will continue to use their policies as they grow older. If you take out health insurance early in life you could save money on your premiums later on. Make sure you check this out when agreeing to a deal.

World cover

Some health insurance deals will cover you if you are a student either attending a foreign university for a short time, or travelling overseas as a tourist. Check out the policy wording before you agree if world health cover is something you need.

Age limit

If you are a mature student, find out if the insurer you are looking at has a maximum age limit. Many of them don’t – or they do, it tends to be something such as 99 years. Taking out student health cover when you are an older student can be an excellent way of avoiding the high premiums mature people would normally expect to pay.

Support in a crisis

If you suffer an injury or illness, take full advantage of the cover you have available. You should expect the insurance firm to pay your costs – the best deals have unlimited medical costs on the part of the insurer. But you can also make use of the legal cover many of them provide in case you need to make a Medical Compensation claim. You should expect a team of legal experts to offer you back-up, if you need it.


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